Manifesting Magic

This is my most in-depth course yet on manifesting whatever you dream about. In Manifesting Magic I take you on a 31 day journey where I guide you in the process of manifestation, explain the techniques and the science behind manifesting. and take away the jargon. All of this helps to demystify what manifesting actually is and explains how to do it with ease once you understand the principles.

You really can manifest anything you dream about with these simple yet powerful techniques which enables you to create the life you truly want.

On each of the 31 days I will share an easy to implement bite-sized actionable step to manifesting anything with ease. Each day and each step will build on the next until you have a toolbelt full of powerhouse techniques that you can use again and again.

What are you waiting for, your dream life is ready for you to step in to. 

15 Day's to Better Self Care

When you pour from an empty cup nothing runs smoothly in your life. Self care is the vital step to living a happy and fulfilled life but is something that is so often overlooked. In this self study online course I will dive deep in to self care and how to lift and build you up to be able to give from a full and eventually overflowing state. This is a vital first step to living the life of your dreams.

The 5 x 55 Manifesting Ritual

I have been a student of the law of attraction for many years and this amazing ritual kept cropping up for me all the time. As I learnt to strengthen my ability to trust my intuition I realised that the universe kept putting it in my path as a way of telling me that I needed to use it and to trust it. So I picked a BIG dream and put it to the test. I want to show you how amazing and how easy it is to manifest anything you want, big or small.

Mini Mindset Reset

In my Mindset Reset Program I will show you how to conquering your negative thoughts, avoid negativity and let go of resentment, amongst other things to allow you to better take care of yourself and others around you. When you are ready to set yourself free and stop feeling like the weight of the world is on your shoulders this mini course is ready and waiting for you. How would your life change if you could conquer your mindset? I can show you how.

EFT Tapping the path to freedom

EFT Tapping - The Path to Freedom

EFT is a form of emotional cognitive trauma therapy that you can easily practice on yourself. With a thorough understanding of why and how EFT Works, you will find that you can change your life just by using your fingertips. This EFT course is a comprehensive course that will take you from complete novice to an experienced tapper. EFT can help you rid the body and mind from emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, stress, limiting beliefs and much more.

21 days to a better life

Change Your Words, Change Your Life

The words that we use on a daily basis have the power to unleash overwhelmingly strong emotions in each and every one of us. Change the words you speak, both externally and internally and you can absolutely change your life for the better in every way imaginable. Follow the easy methods and techniques outlined in this course that will help you to silence the inner critic, love yourself better and in turn give you the power to implement success in every area of your life - it all starts and ends with you. 

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