Numerology Report


Your Own Personal Numerology Report to learn the secret language of the Universe through your unique numbers.

Understanding Numerology can open up a whole new world to you.
Your numbers can show if you have a natural gift for manifesting, healing, communication, emotions etc and specific traits that you may have.
With my numerology report you will learn the secret language of the universe through a true understanding of what your own numbers mean for you and you only as everybody is different.
In my report I will give you an overview of numerology revealing your strengths, weaknesses, and who you’re meant to become.
The report will include your life path number, your destiny number, your soul number, your personality number, your maturity number, your birth day number and your current name number.
It will also include personalised affirmations and crystals.
Although numerology isn’t an exact science it is an invaluable tool that helps reveal your talents and hidden potential
Your Numerology reading is contained within a beautiful pdf for you to keep and refer back to forever.
All for just $35


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