A little about me and why I do what I do……

Welcome to my world and how I ended up here.

I want to give you a quick snapshot of my life and experiences.

Born and raised in the UK my issues started when my mum died when I was just 7.

Although my dad remarried 2 years later I was already extremely emotionally damaged by this point.

School was hard for me in many ways.

I struggled with weight issues and self esteem, suffered countless years of bullying about my weight, with name calling such as thunder thighs and worse an every day occurrence.

After losing the weight some years later I then developed an eating disorder.

Our Move Away

During this time I met and married my now husband Steve and we moved away from the UK to Christchurch, New Zealand when I was 30.

Looking back now I was running away from my old life in the hope that I would change.

Being told I would never have children at age 23, Steve and I were lucky enough to get pregnant years later.

The thought of going back to work and leaving my baby with someone else, letting someone else essentially bring her up, missing her first steps, her first words, that was heartbreaking.

In that moment I decided to become a stay at home mum – which actually just added to my issues with self esteem and lack of self worth.

I was successful in my role as a careers coach, very professional and extremely good at my job.

When I took this away from myself my mind went in to over-drive.

Over the course of the next few years I had another baby, lived through countless earthquakes in Christchurch and somewhere along the way lost myself – Jane was gone, I became just Mum.

More and more introverted, suffering from depression and not caring about myself or my appearance – it was extremely lonely and tiring.

Living with no real purpose and all the pressure to give our girls the lifestyle we wanted for them on Steve, truth be told I felt useless, worthless and unseen.

I suffered massively from homesickness for my family back in the UK and my confidence, which was never great to start with, fell to an all time low even for me.

What happened next……

I saw an ad in the Buy/Sell pages on Facebook and for anyone who knows me what I did next might have seemed a very strange decision.

I joined a network marketing company selling make up.

Here I was, this ridiculously shy and introverted person, how on earth did I think I could sell make up to people?

The thing that drew me in was that it was an online based business which meant that I could hide behind my computer and pretend.

The introverted, confidence lacking, tired, depressed side of me loved that, social media was something I was good at.

Although the network marketing business was not my forever home it did allow me to grow as a person and forever changed me, something I will always be grateful for.

Self Development

I delved deeply in to the side of network marketing that people don’t see, the self development.

When you start to work on your mind everything changes.

When you start to see things as positives and not negatives and when you learn to trust your intuition life suddenly becomes much more fulfilling.

Starting to feel grateful for my life again I found passion for something, other than motherhood.

Realising along the way that I was not living in true harmony,

Knowing there was more to believe in, an inner knowing that was deep within me.

I started to do the work, delving in to the law of attraction and studying as a life coach.

This led to becoming a law of attraction practitioner, manifestation/mindfulness specialist and developing skills in EFT (Emotional Freedom), numerology and energy healing.

So what now?

Knowing that I was good at coaching from my life before children.

With a passion for self development.

Put those two thing together and I had found my why, my need and want to help people believe in themselves again.

Taking them from surviving to thriving – and giving them the tools to do it.

Now living and working in true harmony with my soul., I have gained more confidence than I have ever had.

I have gained strength.

I have gained Jane back and I have learnt to care for myself again.

If I can go from where I was, which was absolute rock bottom, to where I am now then I strongly believe that anyone can.

I can help you make the transition and to show you what’s possible with the right tools, the right mindset and me, your biggest cheerleader, leading the way.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you stay.

Love Jane x