Are You Being Intentional?

Are you living with intention or are you living on autopilot? Are you intentional or passive? Being intentional is one of the most life changing and powerful things you can do. When you wake up in the morning you do the same things over and over again. Your brain will be thinking the same thoughts …

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How to use Grabovoi Grigori Codes

I have recently been hearing more and more about a Russian Psychic and Mathematician called Grabovoi Grigori. and his Grabovoi codes. Apparently you can use the codes for manifesting or healing. It has fascinated me so I wanted to find out more. So Grabovoi Grigori (the person who discovered Grabovoi Codes) was born on 14th …

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6 Steps to your Dreams

Here are my 6 easy steps to your dreams, to the life you deserve. 1) Dream Big How do you dream big and make your life the best possible? I have a belief that we are all on earth for a reason. That we are here at this particular time because we are meant to …

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