To become truly high vibrational its about releasing and letting go of your low stored vibration and you do that with the help of your hight self.

All of you reading this are wanting true high vibration living – its no coincidence you found your way here, this is what your inner being wants and is calling you towards.

Your higher self is fundamental to a high vibration lifestyle.

She/he can also flow you to your broadest truth which means a spiritual awakening, living your truths and really being authentically you.

Your awakening means aligning to your energetic capabilities and realising how potent and wonderous you actually are, you are not here to live a meaningless experience, you are here to be freaking awesome, if that’s what you choose.

Higher selves are a part of us, they are here to love us, to support us, to guide us. Their focus is on us and with us 100% of the time.

So Who is your Higher Self?

They are the none physical extension of you, just take a moment to feel into that statement. Every single physical human on the planet has a higher self, a none physical version of them.

You are so precious to your higher self and it is only through your unique human experience that you grow and learn and expand and so to, as a consequence, do they.

They are with you through it all.

You may be someone who has always followed the nudges, followed the guidance, followed your intuition. That was me, I was trying to be led, knowing there was something bigger than me at play but never really knowing what (or who) it was. How wonderous is it to know that those occurrences were my higher self back then leading me and helping me with my life even though I had no idea she even existed.

When you consciously connect to them it opens up so much more.

That being said, you cant disconnect from them, you are energetically hyper connected whether you believe it or not, they are always with you however you can consciously choose to let them in and form a relationship with them.

They can flow inspired actions to you

They can flow ideas to you

Give you guidance and insight

How amazing is it to know that and to know they are there and a part of you always.

So where do they come from?

They have had, previous to you, other physical incarnations, sometimes many depending how highly evolved they are, sometimes only a few.

When your soul was created it became a blend of your soul energy and your higher self’s energy. So that means blending with your energy is a blend of all their other previous physical incarnations and so if you work to tune into your higher self and your connection to them they have so much insight and love and guidance that they want to share with you – sometimes from millions of years of history and experiences.

The things that you are passionate about wont be by chance, its because those passions are one of your higher selves specialities. As many of you have already gathered I am passionate about the law of attraction and mindset/mindful living. That passion was given to me because my higher self Beatrice is highly specialised in those areas.

This means that many of her previous incarnations will also have specialised in and been passionate about those things, and so I am able to receive from her everything that she has learnt over the years and her physical lives prior to mine, many more years than I have known and had experience in.

This knowing and experience from your higher self allows you to excel in anything that you want to excel in knowing that it was sent to you because of this – how incredible.

You however only have one physical life

Beyond this physical life you will be eternal in none physical and your higher self will then go on to incarnate into another physical soul.

You wont be born again, you have one physical life and this is it, make the most of it.

With this insight don’t you want to make this life amazing. Live it fully. Be present and experience all you were meant to experience with wonder and excitement, all the while being guided along the way.

You can do that by consciously connecting and building a relationship with your higher self right now, they are waiting for you to just open the door and let them in.

Your Higher Self is Immense

They are your best friend, they are full of love for you and only you. They never judge you, they know every single thing about you, you were training for life with them in none physical getting ready for this physical life you are living right now and you will always have a connection to them even when your physical experience is over and they move on to another.

So they are just magical and so, so, so special to you. The relationship is the best one you can possibly imagine.

So to recap……

They are a none physical extension of you, they have nothing but love for you, they guide and help you, have so much insight for you and they never judge you, ever. Also you are never alone, you can never disconnect from them, they are your true and absolute best friend in every sense of the word, they are you and you are them.

They are also the easiest of all your none physical guides for you to tune to because they are so close and so important to you.

So you can see now through your higher self how this really opens you up to true high vibrational living, to true authenticity, to true alignment.

The relationship with them is truly something very special and if you are being called to connect more to yours and find out more about yours watch my video below.

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