Do you use a pendulum? Pendulums are an amazing tool that you can use as a way to get an answer to a yes or no question really easily with no prior experience.

They help you to get connected to yourself.

I love to use mine to help me listen to my intuition and to give me a direction.

The crystal will move one way or another giving me an insight in to my energy at any one time.

Spending time with your pendulum can act as a really quick and easy meditation, it can help you to see what is going on inside your body at any one time and gives you a tool to become more aligned.


  • Hold your pendulum in your hands and notice how it is moving – is it still, moving, turning, spinning, this is a visual of what your body energy is doing.
  • If it is still or calm then you are in a good energy space, if it is spinning, moving out of control then you need to calm your energy.
  • Take a few minutes, close your eyes, steady your breathing and centre yourself, be completely present in the moment.
  • Take a few deep breaths in and out, in and out, in and out.
  • As you are regulating your breathing say things like I am taking back control of my energy, I am not spinning out of control, I am calm.
  • Notice that as you say the words and as you start to control your body and become centred so does your pendulum.
  • When you feel your pendulum is still or calm open your eyes and go about the rest of your day.

Your pendulum can also be used to answer any yes or no questions that you are struggling with. You do already know the ans we intuitively and your pendulum will affirm the visual of your intuition.


  • First cleanse your pendulum and attune it to your own energy, you can do this by cleansing it in moonlight, with a sage smudge or even by using a selenite crystal wand, whatever is easier for you – most people use moonlight as it is free and easy, just place your pendulum on the window cill in the moonlight over night.
  • Hold it in our hand and make it completely still.
  • Ask your pendulum to show you your yes direction – it will either go back and forth or in a circle.
  • Ask your pendulum to show you your no direction – this will be the opposite of your yes direction.
  • When you know which direction is your yes or no centre yourself, steady your breathing and ask your question.
  • Notice the direction of the pendulum and what answer it is giving you


You can ask your pendulum any question you like if there is a yes or no answer that can be given.

There are absolutely no right or wrong answers.

Start with something simple and something you already know the answer to, this will give you the confidence that your pendulum works.

Remember to stay calm, centred and focused and try not to answer the question yourself as this may influence your connection with your pendulum.

With regular practice you can then start to ask more and more complex yes or no questions and your pendulum will show you the intuitive answer that is within your body, your inner guidance if you like.


I always say go with one that you love and feel and instant pull towards

Like any crystals they always have a way of finding you if you need them.

My pendulum is a rose quartz

I was drawn to the gorgeous colour and the crystal itself

Just go with it, there is no real right or wrong where this is concerned.

Check out my video here for more help.

Using a pendulum

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