The universe is always listening.

It’s listening all the time, the universe (or whatever you want to call it) is always alive to your thoughts.

That is why your thoughts and your ability to control them, are ridiculously important.

What you think about you bring about.

Here is where to begin……….

Start being extremely conscious of what happens in your mind on auto pilot.

Are you thinking of bills and how much debt you have?

If you are the universe will deliver more debt and bills.

Are you always thinking of the struggle you have getting to sleep at night and how tired you are?

In that case you’ll have more sleepless nights and remain tired.

Are you talking to yourself with hatred and a lack of love.

Then that’s how you will always feel.

Start controlling your mind with small steps.

Start to be be conscious of the negative thoughts and stop them before they grab hold.

Replace them with gratitude.

Start with right now, what do you have right now that you can be grateful for?

A beautiful warm bed, a roof over your head, delicious food to eat, a family that you can smother with love.

If you have any of these you are already better off than the majority of people in the world and that is something to be extremely grateful for.

Change your thoughts, change your life – my book can help, you can get that here.

The universe is always listening

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