Have you heard of the pillow method?

Whilst filming my latest podcast episode this week and an old manifesting method popped in to my head.

One that I had forgotten I used.

Back in the day I used the pillow method.

It was probably the first manifesting technique that I tried

(Although with little success back then might I add – more on that later).

On the podcast I talked briefly about putting my affirmations under my pillow when I slept.

With the premise being that that when I woke up I would magically have that thing that I wanted.

So how do you really do it if the way I was trying back in the day didn’t work?

The Pillow method basically means getting your subconscious to work for you whilst you are sleeping.

Its a great way to trick your mind.

By using the Pillow Method the conscious brain is totally taken out of the game.

After all, you are asleep and not thinking about others things.

In a nutshell you write down an affirmation (or a script – more on that later too) and you pop in under your pillow.

While you are asleep your subconscious can then get to work on your affirmation,.

The law of attraction is activated and the universe can weave its magic and bring what you wrote about.

It really is that simple BUT there are things that could trip you up.

That will stop this method from working, just like with other manifesting techniques.


You must believe what you are asking for can come true.

If you have any doubt in your mind at all it will act like a brick wall to your subconscious.

And a brick wall to your reticular activating sytem.

Then it will stop your brain from getting to the source of what you are trying to call in.

If you feel that your dream is too big right now start small.

Start with something you absolutely believe you can have, like a free coffee, or finding $10.

Then once you have proven to yourself that this method works go bigger.

And then bigger, and bigger until you are calling in your wildest dreams literally while you sleep.

How to create your own Pillow Method Affirmation

You all know how affirmations work (and if you don’t and you are new to this I’ve got you, have a read of my blog post here) and with this method it’s no different.

Create the affirmation for what you want, love, success, abundance, wealth, a new home etc.

(You could even download my e-book “over 200 affirmations to attract more love, happiness, abundance and joy into your life” to help you choose or start to form your own.

And this method works really well BUT there is a way to supercharge it.

Step in Scripting

Write down your wish, your affirmation in the form of a story or script as if what you want has already hapenned and you are living it.

This is a manifesting technique known as scripting.

Scripting in its pure form however is written a long flowing letter or diary entry where you write and write and write, and really step into the feeling of your new dream life.

With the Pillow Method of scripting you dont have to go that far or write in as much detail.

Think of it like a bridge between traditional scripting, like the dream day process (you can learn more about that here) and one sentence, quick and easy affirmations.

So lets look at an example to show you what I mean – say you wanted to move in to your dream house, your affirmation might be something like:

“I am so happy now that I am living in my dream home”

But what if you expanded on that just a little bit – feel what that new house would mean for you, visualise how amazing it would be to live there.

Then write about that feeling, that visualisation.

“I am so happy now that I am living in my dream home, it feels so warm and inviting here, I love that I now have the four bedrooms I have always wanted and the study space that’s just for me. My kitchen has the most amazing barista machine that makes my morning coffee so easy and delicious and best of all its saving me money having my coffee at home. My garden is my sanctuary, I love listening to the birdsong and the breeze in the tree branches. I have always wanted this home because it makes me feel warm, it makes me feel loved, it makes me feel safe and secure, I am so content and filled with gratitude to live here”

Can you feel the energy and the feelings behind the second way?

That energy, that feeling, that emotion is what super charges the words you write.

So what next?

You can supercharge it even more by anointing what you write with a smell, an oil.

You can buy manifesting oil, you can make your own OR you can just anoint your piece of paper with a smell that takes you where you want to go.

Lets take my example of a new home again……….

What smells would you love in your new home, if you had a diffuser burning in that space what would it be?

For me I absolutely adore vanilla so if I visualised walking through my new home, my dream home I would fill it with the smell of vanilla.

So by anointing my paper with the smell of vanilla, while I am sleeping my senses are smelling that smell.

Ramping up the feeling of my dream home eve more.

Supercharging the energy and the feeling behind what I am wanting to call in.

It might be the garden filled with roses, so use rose oil, or the kitchen filled with the smell of home baking, so use cinnamon.

You get the idea.

So to recap……..

Decide what you want to call in, write it down as an expanded affirmation or mini script, anoint it with a smell that allows you to really step into that vision.

Pop it under your pillow and go to sleep.

Repeat for a full 8 days to really supercharge your wish.

Doing it for 8 days also allows me to re-read the words and dab on more of my chosen smell 8 times.

To reflect on my dream, to feel it, to visualise it, to really step into it for 8 days straight.

Raising your vibration and your energy for that thing higher and higher and higher.

Then wait and see what happens….

After your 8 days you then let it go and turn it over to the universe to work its magic.

How do you do that?

You can pop your letter in a manifesting box, if you have one, or a manifesting journal folded up and put between the pages.

Or you could hold a release ritual (more on those here).

Or just take it outside, light a match, and watch your paper burn and the wind carry the ashes away to the universe.

The idea behind this, as with any manifesting method is that once you have asked for what you want you need to let go of the outcome and trust that the universe as heard you.

You dont need to obsess or think about it and look at it all the time, that brings in the energy of being desperate, and that repels what we want.

Have fun with this method, I love it, its easy and takes literally no effort on your part.

And remember If you need help removing any of those brick walls I talk about….its time to shift your mindset and make the changes you need to make.

You could let me help you with that do that by subscribing to my YouTube channel, my podcast, or join my tribe in my facebook group.

The Pillow Method

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