There are many, many different ways to use the law of attraction, why not try the magic manifesting cheque..

One of my favourite ways, and one that works is the ‘Magic Manifesting Cheque’ from the bank of the universe.

When you take the time to write down what you want this tells the universe that you are serious.

One tip I have for you in this is to always use pen.

When you use pencil this signifies that its not permanent.

Pencil can be rubbed out

Pen is permanent and not something that can be taken away.

The universe loves that.

Your Magic Cheque practice

Write out your secret ‘Magic Cheque’ and feel grateful for the money, as if you already have it.

This is the secret ingredient.

I have included at the end of this article your very own blank ‘Magic Cheque’ from the Gratitude Bank of the Universe.

Fill in your ‘Magic Cheque’  with the amount of money that you want to receive.

Add your name and today’s date.

Hold it in your hands first and imagine the money,

What would you spend it on, why do you want it?

Put the cheque in your wallet or purse and feel happy and grateful that you already have the money cashed from your cheque.

Go print out your cheque from here and feel the magic.

And don’t just take my word for it – Sarah Prout, pone of my favourite manifestation teachers, also talks about this method here.

Not only that, Jim Carrey has used this method.

Apparently, in 1990 when he was a struggling actor, trying to get his first job, he wrote hinself a cheque.

On it he wrote: “for acting services rendered” and dated it for 1995. 

The check was for $10 million dollars.

He then popped it in his wallet and carried it around with him.

A few years later Jim had manifested that 10 million dollars.

And massive success with films like Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, The Mask and Liar, Liar

What a powerful example that this really works.

Go print out your cheque and put it to the test, it just might work for you too, what have you got to lose.

the magic manifesting cheque.

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