The Law of Attraction gets a lot of attention, thanks largely to the book and film by Rhonda Byrne The Secret. What most people don’t actually realise is that the Law of Attraction is in fact only one piece of the puzzle with there being 12 Universal Laws, not just the one.

The Secret bought the Law of Attraction to the forefront and into the mainstream and since watching the film or reading the book many of us have tried to harness its principles to manifest things that we want into our lives, with varying levels of success for the majority.

Working with the Law of Attraction on its own as a standalone law is like trying to catch a fish with no bait on the end of the fishing line – you may get there but it will take you a very long time with no direction and no clear path.

If however you can get to grips with all 12 universal laws then your path to the life you want to live becomes much clearer and much easier to actually walk.

My advice here is to have a partial understanding of all of the laws and how they work together, you don’t have to be an expert to use them in your own life, but at the very least know they exist and know how they all build on each other to encapsulate the success you want to bring into your world.

In my personal experience, these laws have helped me to come to terms with everyday life situations when things don’t appear to be working out for me the way I envisaged them or they have helped me to reframe things to gather a much broader understanding of why they may be happening.

It’s important here to note that like anything in life, we need to keep our minds open, and remember that knowledge and understanding are ever-changing and expanding.

These 12 Universal Laws are a combination of science, spirit, and metaphysics, so keep an open mind as we go through them one by one.

We started by looking at the The Law of Divine Oneness, The Law of Vibration and The Law of Correspondence 

Then we moved on to The Law of Action, the Law of Cause and Effect and the Law of Attraction.

We then looked at The Law of Compensation, The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy and The Law of Relativity

So in this post we will cover off the last three…….

The Law of Polarity#10

The law of polarity really tells us that everything has an opposite and we cant know one without the others.

How would we know what hot feels like without also having experienced cold?

How would we know what happiness is if we had never experienced sadness?

How would we know what day is if we had never experienced night?

We need one to experience one to experience the other, and this is the polarity.

So the law of polarity reminds us to take a pause and be grateful for the opposite experience of the things we actually want to experience., because without them we wouldn’t know what we wanted or be able to experience them.

I live in a climate where we get cold, wet, miserable winters but if it wasn’t for those winters I would not know that I love summer and heat and sun.

Without experiencing the winter I would never know that I loved and found so much joy and contentment in the heat of the summer. That polarity is this law in a nutshell. Being grateful for the winter because it allows me to know and love the summer.

And if we take that concept and apply it to emotions and feelings: through the despair and sadness that I felt losing my mum and step mum to cancer and my dad to a heart attack I learnt to appreciate and not take my own health for granted.

From moving away from the UK and experiencing homesickness which is actually physically and emotionally debilitating I could take for granted the time I have with family and friends.

Without one of those pieces, the pain point, the other ceases to exist. So to experience the good emotion or feeling or thought I have to first know of, or feel or experience the bad – the polar opposite, the polarity.

My Advice when considering this law:

Negative emotions are actually necessary so begun to feel more gratitude for them, that is where the magic lies within this law.

Without them we wouldn’t know what positive emotions are. So the goal here is to accept the so called ‘bad’ emotions or the parts of life that we don’t like and instead of focusing on resisting those feelings or moments we accept them it and focus on how they can assist us in our lives going forward.

The Law of Rhythm#11

This law is sent to remind us that everything is cyclical, everything is seasonal.

There will be good seasons in our lives where we reap all the rewards and bad seasons in our life where we have to sow seeds. Seasons of ups and seasons of downs.

The universe sends us this law to remind us that when we are going through the down periods we need to keep the faith because after it we will experience the ups again, the harvest, the next cycle of good to follow the bad.

This law teaches us that everything has its time. We all live in a world of instant gratification where we want things on our terms and timelines, but if we just took a breath, stepped back and exercised patience we’d understand that the wave always ebbs and flows and we would trust the process.

Our thoughts, moods, and emotions are ever-changing but when we are sad or going through something hard we feel as if it will be that way forever, but this law proves to us that it won’t.

We will rise again, we will experience good again, we will came back from whatever is happening.

“this won’t last forever, nothing lasts forever”

That thought itself creates a shift which allows us to move up the vibrational scale.

Understanding this law helps us cultivate a mindset of gratitude, which is one of the easiest high-frequency emotions to tap into in any given moment.

My Advice when considering this law:

When things are going well, appreciate them.

But equally important, when things aren’t going to plan know that because of this law it will get better, it has to, that’s the cycle, that’s the season.

Learn to observe the ebb and flow of life with patience because there is a time for absolutely everything.

The Law of Gender – #12

Both masculine and feminine energy are needed for us to create a balanced life.

No creation – turning any idea that we may have into reality – is possible without the balance of both the masculine energy and the feminine energy.

All of us have the energy of both genders, masculine and feminine.

Energetically speaking, masculine energy is the control. the work, the push energy which can if not balanced with the feminine, cause anger, and conflict.

Feminine energy is the nurture, the rest, the creative, the intuitive energy but when not balanced with the masculine will mean you never actually do anything or get anywhere.

The trick is to balance both of these in equal measures because only when both are being used properly can we actually manifest our desires into the physical world.

Manifesting the life of our dreams requires us to balance these two energies using the law of gender. We must have the patience of the feminine with the persistence of the masculine.

Embodying just one of these will either lead us in to going nowhere, or pushing so hard that we burn out. But when we strike the balance between the two allow ourselves to take the inspired action AND receive all of our desires.

My Advice when considering this law:

Embrace both the masculine and the feminine energies to strike the correct balance and manifest with ease.

This Law is the Yin (feminine) and the Yang (masculine) of life.

If you can learn to live in both we become powerful and become a true co-creator for everything that we have ever wanted.

The 12 Universal Laws

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