The Law of Attraction gets a lot of attention, thanks largely to the book and film by Rhonda Byrne The Secret. What most people don’t actually realise is that the Law of Attraction is in fact only one piece of the puzzle with there being 12 Universal Laws, not just the one.

The Secret bought the Law of Attraction to the forefront and into the mainstream and since watching the film or reading the book many of us have tried to harness its principles to manifest things that we want into our lives, with varying levels of success for the majority.

Working with the Law of Attraction on its own as a standalone law is like trying to catch a fish with no bait on the end of the fishing line – you may get there but it will take you a very long time with no direction and no clear path.

If however you can get to grips with all 12 universal laws then your path to the life you want to live becomes much clearer and much easier to actually walk.

My advice here is to have a partial understanding of all of the laws and how they work together, you don’t have to be an expert to use them in your own life, but at the very least know they exist and know how they all build on each other to encapsulate the success you want to bring into your world.

In my personal experience, these laws have helped me to come to terms with everyday life situations when things don’t appear to be working out for me the way I envisaged them or they have helped me to reframe things to gather a much broader understanding of why they may be happening.

It’s important here to note that like anything in life, we need to keep our minds open, and remember that knowledge and understanding are ever-changing and expanding.

These 12 Universal Laws are a combination of science, spirit, and metaphysics, so keep an open mind as we go through them one by one.

We started by looking at the The Law of Divine Oneness, The Law of Vibration and The Law of Correspondence 

Then we moved on to The Law of Action, the Law of Cause and Effect and the Law of Attraction.

Today we move on to the next three laws.

The Law of Compensation – #7

The Law of Compensation is very similar to the Law of Cause and Effect in many ways. It refers to the fact that if you give freely of time and energy and love and kindness that is what you will receive back.

That you will be divinely compensated for the good that you do in the world with more good or that you will be divinely compensated for your negative actions, thoughts and feelings with more of those.

The Law of Compensation reminds us to give what we want, to receive without hesitation and to do this without having any expectations of getting anything back in return.

Having high expectations and a lack of appreciation for things is one of the biggest ways that we can create resistance in our lives and actually repels the things that we are trying to bring in.

This law also serves as a reminder that we are allowed, in fact we are encouraged, to be adequately compensated for the work that we do to bring other people in alignment with the 12 universal laws. If, as teachers of spirituality and manifestation, we chose to actively work with others to align them to abundance, peace, success, happiness and fulfilment in life will be greatly blessed in return for that work.

My advice when considering this law:

This law states that we will be blessed according to the good deeds that we do and the value that we bring to others. So show generosity, be kind, uplift those around you and you will in turn be compensated with more of the same.

Keep in mind however that compensation can and does come in many forms. Yes, it can be monetary but it could also be in the form of good health, close friends, a loving family, a mentor to allow you to grow or a new job or working opportunity. It could also come in the form of a million-dollar idea so make sure you are still considering all the prior laws, such as the Law of Vibration and the Law of Action to reap the rewards of this one fully.

If we spend our lives giving what we think others deserve we can experience happiness in our own life, but if we start to think in terms of over-delivering and over-exceeding the expectations of others we will become even more divinely compensated in our own lives.

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy – #8

The 8th law out of the 12 universal laws is the Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy, You get out of life what you put into it, so bring your best self to whatever you do and aim to be the best version of yourself as you can be.

This law is a true powerhouse and it is a reminder of how much power we truly have in our hands and in the creation of our lives.

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation gives us the ability to change anything about our existence that we don’t like just by CHOOSING to change it.

It reminds us that nothing is static, things are ever moving and transforming.

That we can transmute negative energy into positive energy just by choosing to do so.

Which ultimately means that we can create (or manifest) anything we want to out of completely anything just by choosing and changing our vibration around it.

The law also reminds us that high vibration energy will consume low vibration energy, so never worry about other peoples low energy or vibration bringing you down. It is only your own fear and your own perception that can keep you there and do that.

Keep focusing on your own energy and you’ll be able to inspire others as well as lift yourself.

Your desires are brought to you via thought, and you receive them by deciding to take action

Jen Sincero

My Advice when considering this law:

You have the power and the complete control to change anything about your life that you don’t like.

You can trigger positive change just by choosing to, by choosing a better thought or a better better-feeling in any given situation.

So become mindful and aware of the stories that you tell yourself that are keeping you stuck. Try to notice them before they take hold and upgrade them into ones that bring you closer to what you want rather than stuck where you already are.

The Law of Relativity – #9

Let me paint a picture for you. You woke up this morning and you suddenly realise that your alarm failed to go off and you are now late for work.

You rush around, stressed. You go to get dressed and then grab a coffee but spill it all over your shirt and have to get changed, making you ever more late for work.

You still want that coffee so decide, screw it I will pop in to the local café anyway and grab it before rushing in to the office but today of course today is the day your barista is sick so the new barista gets you every day always the same order totally wrong and you end up with a mocha not a cappuccino.

The day is a total disaster and its only 9.30am.

But what about Fred, the local homeless man who sleeps on the bench by the coffee shop, to him the morning you just experienced would be a dream day.

The ability to sleep in a warm bed with a cosy duvet, have a phone by the bedside, a closet full of clothes and money to buy the coffee before going to the job that he would love to have.

That is pure bliss.

It’s all relative. This is the Law of Relativity in action

If you look at what you have in life, you’ll always have more. If you look at what you don’t have in life, you’ll never have enough.

Oprah Winfrey

My advice when considering this law:

If you are able to look at a so called ‘bad’ situation from an other perspective then you can actually transmute it in to a situation to be grateful for.

No matter how bad you think it is, there will be someone somewhere who would love your nightmare.

So instead of feeling like you are a victim try and see the good in the bad and change your energy about it from negative to positive.

That is how you work within the law of relativity.

Stop feeling like the victim and reframe it to feel grateful. The law of relativity reminds us that nothing is good and nothing is bad, its actually the things we as humans attach to it that stops it from being neutral.

It is our human perception (emotion, thought, judgment) that change experiences to be positive or negative. Its how we label them that counts.

The 12 Universal Laws

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