The Law of Attraction gets a lot of attention, thanks largely to the book and film by Rhonda Byrne The Secret. What most people don’t actually realise is that the Law of Attraction is in fact only one piece of the puzzle with there being 12 Universal Laws, not just the one.

The Secret bought the Law of Attraction to the forefront and into the mainstream and since watching the film or reading the book many of us have tried to harness its principles to manifest things that we want into our lives, with varying levels of success for the majority.

Working with the Law of Attraction on its own as a standalone law is like trying to catch a fish with no bait on the end of the fishing line – you may get there but it will take you a very long time with no direction and no clear path.

If however you can get to grips with all 12 universal laws then your path to the life you want to live becomes much clearer and much easier to actually walk.

My advice here is to have a partial understanding of all of the laws and how they work together, you don’t have to be an expert to use them in your own life, but at the very least know they exist and know how they all build on each other to encapsulate the success you want to bring into your world.

In my personal experience, these laws have helped me to come to terms with everyday life situations when things don’t appear to be working out for me the way I envisaged them or they have helped me to reframe things to gather a much broader understanding of why they may be happening.

It’s important here to note that like anything in life, we need to keep our minds open, and remember that knowledge and understanding are ever-changing and expanding.

These 12 Universal Laws are a combination of science, spirit, and metaphysics, so keep an open mind as we go through them one by one.

The Law of Divine Oneness#1

This law basically states that everyone and everything is connected in the world we live in.

Every thought, word, or action that we speak or think or let into our consciousness will have an effect on those around us.

This is why you may have heard the saying ‘god consciousness’ or ‘source consciousness’ it is the premise that you, me, your best friends neighbour, the barista in your local café to the actor or sportsperson you fawn over every time you see them on TV, we are all connected.

So let’s dig a little deeper: if we’re all connected, then the thoughts we think and the things we do impact absolutely everything.

We tend to believe that we live in a bubble, that our own actions and our own thoughts only impact ourselves but that could not actually be further from the truth and living this way and believing this results in us all living in a deeply divided society with an environment that is hurting because of it.

Ultimately the Law of Divine Oneness states that what you do to someone else, you ultimately do to yourself. so to put it in layman’s terms If you find yourself gossiping, or treating someone with disrespect you are actually causing the same disrespect to yourself – because actually energetically that’s exactly what you are doing.

This law can be summarised as ‘what you wish upon others, you wish upon yourself’.

My Advice when considering this law:

Be mindful of your thoughts, your actions, and your behaviour. They send ripples throughout the entire universe and since you know understand that we are all connected in some way what goes around comes around.

As everything and everyone is connected to each other subconsciously we need to start thinking and looking for the good in others, and they in turn will then begin to think and look for the good in you.

The Law of Vibration#2

Every living thing, every inanimate object, every thought, every feeling, and every desire has its own unique vibration.

This has been proven many times by science. For example – solids have a lower frequency than liquids and gasses, what we see as colours are just different frequencies of light (red has been proven to have the lowest frequency and violet the highest  

This concept also applies to our own, and other peoples, thoughts and feelings.

Emotions such as love, joy, gratitude, happiness, bliss, peace etc (the high end of the emotional scale which you can read more about here) vibrate at a higher frequency than sadness, anger, boredom, apathy, grief or fear etc.

Have you ever heard a friend or family member say “I got a weird feeling from that guy, I didn’t want to get to know him” or “I have such good vibes about this” or “I felt weird the moment I walked into that room” or “I just felt instantly at home and connected and happy there”.

That’s the Law of Vibration at work.

Since we are all vibrational beings, we can intuitively sense the vibes that other people, places ands situations give off, both good and bad. The problem is that this is not traditionally something we are taught to do and therefore over the course of our life we forget that our intuition guides us in every single moment.

If we tune in and begin to listen again there is a lot of knowledge already within us, we know instinctively what any given thing is vibrating at.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.

Nikola Tesla

My Advice when considering this law:

Be aware of your intuitive vibes ALL THE TIME. Learnt to tune into them and what they are telling you.

Be mindful of what vibes you yourself are generating through your own thoughts, feelings and behaviours

Everything in the universe moves to a unique vibrational frequency. Each thought and feeling has its own unique vibration pattern, and it will combine with those which possess identical vibration patterns to it.

As our thoughts are connected to the rest of the universe (see the Law of Divine Oneness above) , if you choose to have more good thoughts, more good will ultimately follow in your experience day to day.

The Law of Correspondence – #3

The Law of Correspondence basically means that whatever happens around us in our world is a direct reflection of what is happening within us in our subconscious and conscious mind.

Our internal environment determines our external environment.

How you are feeling is what you will manifest and experience and that your current reality is a reflection of how you felt in the past because you attracted it into your life using the Law of Correspondence.

The more I have come to understand this law throughout my life the more I have come to realise that I cant blame anyone else for my current situation but me

Use this law like a mirror to expose what you are feeling and saying to yourself over and over again (your patterns) as this is what you will be experiencing in your life. If you can break the overarching patterns and choose to instil new ones then you can use this law to your advantage.

Affirmations are a great way to break old patterns and train your mind to think new ones.

To give you an example of this law at work if you have a reputation of dating emotionally unavailable people have a look at what you are saying to yourself and see if you can come to realise what this pattern says about your internal beliefs.

The same type of person will show up again and again because of something that is coming from within you, there is something internal that you need to learn and recognise to allow you to break the pattern.

This awareness is what allows us to co-create our lives and work with the Law of Correspondence.

My Advice when considering this law:

We can often find ourselves in a never ending cycle of repeating the same lessons over and over again until we work out where this is coming from internally.

So, if you notice a reoccurring pattern in your life or notice yourself doing the same things over and over again, train yourself to shift the pattern to a more positive one by using the Law of Correspondence.

Take stock of the things you’re doing in your daily life. Ask yourself, are they aligned with what you ultimately want out of life? If so, do they feel like a struggle? There maybe more here to uncover or unpack, If they are not aligned change them.

The 12 Universal Laws

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