Self worth and believing in yourself, in turn building self esteem, are linked in that they are how you see yourself.

They encapsulate the thoughts and the feelings that you have, how much value you put on yourself, how much value you see yourself having.

Watch the video above – it could be life changing

It certainly was for me when I first heard of the metaphor ‘me versus money’.

Placing a high value on our self worth will naturally increase our self esteem.

This in turn gives us self confidence which allows us to take action and follow though on things that we want to have, be or do.

How can you build your self worth?

Okay so you have watched the vide, you know you need to raise your self worth and your self belief BUT how do you actually do that?

Read on because I’ve got you covered.

But I need your help………this isn’t something that you can do once and then forget about it. 

It’s something that you have to work on consistently.

With that in mind let’s jump in and start to build your self-worth, one day at a time..

Understanding Yourself and who you are at your Core

Have you ever spent time getting to know yourself? Like really know yourself?

We live in a world of fake, of highlight reels, of botox and plastic surgery – how much of what you show to the world is actually the real you?

I want you to journal for me, grab your notebook and ask yourself the following questions then journal your answers.

1) What would happen if everything I have (work, family, home) was taken away and all I had was me, how would I feel? what would I have left that was valuable?

If you are someone with high self-worth, then this scenario wouldnt phase you.

It wouldn’t mean much because you’d still be you as a person and you wouldn’t place much value on everything that’s external in your world.

Because you know who you are deep inside and that’s where you place your value and your worth.

However, if you have low self worth this question would possibly flaw you.

It would mean digging deep to unearth who you really believe that you are at your very core.

Completing this exercise however, will show you that whatever happens externally, whatever is taken away from you, that should not affect you internally.

So once again grab your notebook and ask yourself – how do other people see me? what do they say about me? and, what bring me joy, what makes me happy?

Once you have done that ask yourself what do I struggle with? what fears hold me back? who or what do I let hurt me? what emotions are driving me? where do I place the most value externally?

The answers to those questions could be easy for you to find but what about if I asked you what are you good at? what do you like about yourself? what good qualities do you have?

Those answers are the things that will help you move towards self-assurance, towards self worth, towards greater self esteem.

Self Acceptance

If you have taken the time to do the journaling exercises above you should now have a really good picture of your own self-worth.

Now is the time to be real and authentic.

To acknowledge the good and the bad.

You are not perfect, no one is, you will have made mistakes and have flaws, that’s life.

Forgive yourself now, in this moment, for everything you’ve ever done and accept it all unconditionally.

Accept the good, the bad and the ugly.

All of yourself, including your flaws, your past – that is you, it is who you are, you cant change it so accept it and be okay with it all.

Fully accepting yourself in spite of all your your self perceived issues, flaws, weaknesses is one of the biggest parts, and the most critical parts, of having a high self worth.

Embrace all that you are, acknowledge here and now that you will no longer anything outside of yourself to define you.

Let go of every single thing that has ever held you back and state with conviction that you will never ever let it hold you back again,

Develop Self-Love

If you have been around me for a while you know already how much value I place on self love.

How I preach the importance of a self love practice.

Which basically means being kinder to yourself, being less critical, more compassionate – putting yourself fist much more often.

You will have noticed by now (hopefully) that having compassion comes from self love, self love comes from self acceptance and self acceptance comes from self understanding.

These are the steps we have talked about above, the steps I have taken you through in this article.

There is a really simple way to start a self love practice – and that is by using affirmations.

Or of course, you could take one of my self paced courses – a great place to start is with my 15 days to self care course.

Whatever you do to develop your self love habits just know that self love allows you to no longer look outside of yourself for approval.

You instead have that approval within yourself, for yourself and that’s one of the biggest steps you can take towards self-worth.

Self Love and Self Worth

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