Raise your vibration to help you attract more of what you want, we hear his all the time

Does it confuse you when it comes to manifesting?

Everything in your life, good or bad, has an energy attached to it, from your thoughts and feelings to the items you surround yourself with.

Things like joy and happiness and love all vibrate high and lack, hate and anxiety vibrate low.

When we are trying to manifest or create better lives for ourselves, when we have dreams, when we have goals this essentially means that we need to vibrate at the same energy and frequency of that particular thing or goal or dream.

Put simply, we have to raise our vibration to match the thing we dream about.

When we are stuck in lack and not having and trying to manifest out of need and anxiety we actually push the thing we want away, we repel it.

So we need to find ways to raise ourselves up, do things to help us feel good in the hear and now while we are still living in our current reality.

But, how do you do that?

Its actually pretty easy, have a watch of my video above for some really simple and inexpensive ways to do it and read on for even more ideas.

1. Write Out Your Ideal Day

I have been practicing my dream day diary for so many years now and it is a brilliant first thing to do because it has a two fold method, both of which are amazing in the world of manifestation

It not only helps you get clear on what you want to manifest but it also helps you to feel the emotions that will come with that dream life.

Let’s say you want to move to your dream house in your dream location, when you imagine yourself living in that place, walking around the home, being there together with your family that takes you there and brings on the emotions and feelings that instantly raise your vibration.

Now go and grab your journal and start writing out the details of that day in your new home, where is it? what does it look like? what’s the colour scheme you have used to decorate it? what does your garden look like? how are you feeling as you live in this space? does it make you feel happy? is it warm and cosy? do you have friends over?

Visualise it and capture as much detail as you possibly can as you write it all down.

By doing this you’re basically writing the script for your life. Have a watch of my video here that I created back in 2019 which walks you through it even more.

2. Create Affirmations

Having your dream day written out, you now know what you want. One further step from there is to create some mantra’s (or affirmations) that support the vision in your dream day.

When you say affirmations over and over and over again like a broken record you train your mind to look for the opportunities to make those affirmations real and bring the experiences to life.

What we focus on expands so the better and more positive your thoughts are the easier it is just by default to attract more positive experiences.

Take your example above of a new home in a dream location.

Your affirmations could be I adore my new home, I am so happy and grateful that I live in (fill-in the blank for the area you want to live in), I adore that my new home feels for warm and inviting.

Write these affirmations out daily in your journal, put them around your house as reminders say them to yourself while washing the dishes or waiting at traffic lights and watch as the good feelings come and it feels easier to actually attract what you want.

3. Gratitude

I have done a whole blog post on the practice of gratitude – you can read that here.

Gratitude means to be means being thankful for everything, counting your blessings, noticing the everyday simple things that you have that bring you joy, being aware all the time of how much you have.

I personally think that gratitude is he biggest way to change everything.

It can change your focus from what your life lacks to the things that are already there.

Begin to look for anything and everything to be grateful for and you will be shown more and more of that.

Basically be grateful for everything you already have because I can guarantee you someone is looking at your life and wishing it was theirs.

4. Have More Fun

Being happy and feeling happy is one of the easiest ways to raise your vibration but I think it is one that, as adults, we forget.

Have you ever noticed that when you are playing with your kids, watching a comedy film, playing with your pets, laughing with friends, you are completely living in the present moment and in that space and time you are not thinking about what we don’t have or what you are lacking in your life.

And as with gratitude and affirmations if you take more time to be happy and feel joy that will make you a magnet for more joy and more happiness to show up in your life because it is attracted to your energy.

People love to be around happy people because it makes them feel better

Attracting what you want in life just means aligning your thoughts, your beliefs and your energy with the vibration of the thing that you are most wanting.

By applying these simple and easy to do tips to help you raise your vibration that will help you manifest what you want by training your subconscious mind or your reticular activating system, to seek out opportunities to show you more and more of that and will signal to the Universe that your ready to experience what it is that you most want.

If you want even more help with this check out my self paced courses.

All of them will help you raise your vibration through the roof to attract anything that you want.

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