How to Make and Use Moon Water

So many of us are finding a love of moon cycles lately. You may have an app on your phone, your yoga or meditation teacher may mention it or you could be part of a Facebook group where moon cycles are openly discussed.

You could also be a self-taught witch obsessed with crystals, spells and earth/moon cycles.

Wherever you sit on this spectrum absolutely anybody can benefit from the magic of the moon. Its has immense intuitive and emotional power and can also be a non-physical guide for some of us.

There are numerous rituals associated with the moon but one that I have been coming across a lot just lately is the ritual of making and using moon water.

So What Exactly Is Moon Water?

“Moon water is a magical water programmed by the moon’s gorgeous energy — usually under the full moon, sometimes the new moon,”

This is the explanation given by Lisa Marie Basile of what moon water is. Lisa is the author of City Witchery: Accessible Rituals, Practices & Prompts for Conjuring and Creating in a Magical Metropolis and she talks and writes about the amazing properties of the moon a lot.

My own understanding is that moon water is water which has been infused with the light from the moon and can then be used to amplify whatever it is that you are trying to bring in – your intentions or your manifestations.

How I Make Moon Water

Moon water is so, so easy to make.

All I do, usually on a full moon, is put a cup, jar or bowl of water in the direct moonlight, either on a window cill in my home or outside on a deck or porch.

The energy of the moons light will then be absorbed by the water during the night-time. To amplify it even more set an intention. So when placing your bowl, jar or cup set the intention that the moon light will fill it and charge it during the time you are sleeping and the moon is out.

That is literally it, leave it there for an entire night and come back to it in the morning.

You could even add salt to the water for its cleansing properties or set up a crystal grid or just place some crystals around the water to amplify it even more..

How to Choose the Right Moon for you to Charge your Water

Tune in, just tune in to your own intuition and you will know exactly when to place your water to charge it.

Don’t question it, if you feel called to do this at any point then it will be right for you.

I tend to always use the power of the full moon but this is not imperative. Always do what feels good to you.

Now What?

Once charged, you can use moon water for basically anything you want to. Using moon water in place of ‘regular’ water will transfer the energy of the moon to anything that you are using it for.

Here are a few ideas that I use mine for:

  • Drinking – I LOVE to drink moon water whilst setting intentions and manifestations throughout my day
  • Use it to water your plants
  • Wash in it, bathe in it wash your hair and body in it again whilst setting intentions
  • Add it to tea or coffee
  • Cleanse and clean your home with it
  • Add a splash to any facial or skin products to supercharge them
  • Spray it around your home to cleanse any space
  • Spritz it onto your own skin like a perfume, add a few drops of your favourite essential oils for a delicious scent

No matter how you use it, always set intentions in your mind or create affirmations or a moon prayer such as the one I use below:

May the energy of this amazing moon water manifest the abundance and miracles I have been asking for, allow me to let go of my past and cleanse me of anything that no longer serves me. I am ready, thank you, thank you, thank you

Jane Adams x

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