Manifest the Small Stuff First

Have you ever got frustrated with trying to manifest things into your life? I am willing to bet that the reason you are feeling like it doesn’t work is because you started big, big dreams, big ticket items, stretchy things that your mind knows or thinks is not possible for you. Try to manifest the small stuff first.

I talk about manifesting a lot here and if you have been a part of my world for a while, you know that its something I love to do and love to teach.

All areas of my life have an element of manifesting in them from the daily coffee, to the dream business that I now have and everything in between.

Daily coffee

I do get however, that for some it can be hard to believe and many call BS on manifesting, which is why I want to break it down in to three easy steps.

A kind of overview if you like of how you can begin to believe and get your mind on board by manifesting the little things first. Once you have grasped that then you can move on to more and more with no doubt at all in your mind that it works!!!!

The Three Steps

Firstly you need to decide what it is that you want and you have to be really, really clear on this part .It’s no good saying I might want a new car but I am not sure what type or what colour.

This gives the universe nothing to work with, its like going to do your weekly shop without a clear list and walking aimlessly through the aisles not knowing what to pick up and put in your basket.

If you’re not clear and not precise then the universe doesn’t know what to bring to you. If you are not precise and concise then you may get mixed messages and mixed signals back, so be REALLY clear.

So decide that it is that you want and then the second part of this is to align to it fully.

What does that mean? To align to something all you have to do is to believe that you can have it, and get in to the energy and the vibe of having it, knowing with all of your being that you can have it, that it is possible for you.

Thirdly, receive, it, that’s basically it, Decide, Align, Receive, they are the three steps to manifesting

So Lets Break it Down Even More So You Can really Get it

Let’s manifest a parking space, and we start with a parking space because this is where I started, this is what I did for a lot of weeks in the beginning of my manifesting journey to get my heard on board that this was not a load of rubbish.

All manifestation teachers will always tell you to start with something that you can fully get behind, something that you can truly believe you can have.

If say you decide to start your manifesting journey trying to manifest 10 million dollars well guess what, you mind is going to object.

Your conscious brain will go well there’s no way you can have that, I mean where is the money coming from, how are we getting that, well we could win the lottery but that’s a stretch and what are the odds on that blah, blah, blah.

Those thoughts will swirl around in your head and stop you from completing the second step which is aligning to what you have decided that you want. Those thoughts will come in and sabotage you before you even get started, which means you will not manifest it and again will believe that this is BS.

Which is why we start by manifesting the small stuff first because then your brain can get on board, your heart can believe it, your subconscious mind and conscious mind will both wont align to it.

A Parking Space

Ok, so we’re out about, we’re going down to the mall on a weekend, it’s busy and what normally happens is we get to the car park and then we drive around and around and around and we chase the other cars all looking for car parking spaces and it’s busy.

We then start to say to ourselves ‘I’m never I’m never going to find a parking space here it’s useless it’s too busy, just look at all these cars in front of me, I’m in a traffic queue and all I want to do is park’

And you get more and more frustrated and more and more annoyed and in that energy you never find your parking space.

What you need to do instead is this – you’re going to drive off to the mall on a busy weekend when you know everyone else is also at the mall.

As you’re driving up to the car park you’re going to start to say in your head or aloud ‘m so grateful for that car parking space, it’s going to be right by the door, right where I want it to be and I will find really easily.

It’s going to be waiting there just for me and I won’t have any of the frustrations of past parking.

AND if you’ve been to that place before it’s even better because you can visualize while you’re saying this car parking space is going to be here for me I’m so happy, that parking space is mine I’m going to find it right outside the door and you can visualize the space too because you’ve been there before.

So you are not just getting your mind on board and your energy on board with what you are saying but you are also visualising it at the same time – that’s powerful in manifesting anything.

Parking Space

The Three Steps in Action

  1. You’ve decided you want a parking space
  2. You’ve aligned yourself to it by knowing that you can have it, speaking it in to existence and visualising it waiting for you
  3. You get to the car park and there is the space either sitting empty OR as you arrive someone pulls out of the space leaving it for you


That is manifesting the small stuff, that is how you begin to flex your manifestation muscle and believe that manifesting is actually real and possible for you to do.

It works for me every single time without fail.

So don’t start with the 10 million dollars or the dream house or the million dollar business.

Start small, manifest small first.

What Else Could You Manifest?

You could start with the parking space or any of the items below to give you some ideas:

  1. A parking space
  2. A free coffee or tea
  3. A text or phone call from a friend or family member
  4. Finding something that you have previously lost
  5. Seeing a dollar on the street
  6. Hearing a particular song on the radio

Decide what it is that you want, be specific, align yourself to have it by having total belief that it is possible and receive it with ease, Three steps to manifest the small stuff.

If you’d like to watch my YouTube video on this very subject you can do that here

Once you’ve got this go deeper here

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