Ladies whats in your bag?

Have a little look in your handbag or your purse or where-ever you carry your money.

Is it cluttered, full of old receipts, bits of paper, hair clips, the odd pen or two, old sweet wrappers etc


Is it clean, uncluttered, empty of anything but the odd crystal (citrine is great for attracting money to you) and your money.

Do you really need those receipts dated 2017? ‍

What about the broken pen with the ink spilling out?

Those old sticky sweet wrappers from your kids, do you need them?

What good are they, do you REALLY need those items in your bag?

Show your money some love ♥️

Declutter that purse.

Declutter that bag.

Give that money energy room to flow 

Your bag and your purse or wallet need to be clean and uncluttered for the money to flow in and stay there 

Manifesting money is so much easier if you give it a place to flow to.

If your bag is cluttered then money cant find its way in.

If your bag is clean and inviting money will flow.

An even better thing to do is print out the magic manifesting cheque that I talk about here and pop one in your purse to attract even more.

You can pop over to this link to print out your own cheque.

And on top of that, if that was not reason enough to clear it out – you’ll be able to carry exactly what actually need.

Making you feel more organised and in control.

Struggling to find things in your bag causes frustration which can lead to stress.

When you physically declutter anything in your life you become more relaxed too.

And maybe even better than that carrying a heavy bag around can cause you problems with your posture.

So a lighter bag means that your body (as well as your mind) will thank you.

Ladies, whats NOW in your bag? if its not clean and decluttered and tidy make sure to heed this blog post, I promise money will flow if it has a space to flow too.

Ladies, what's in your bag?

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