I’m not okay, its okay to admit this.

Its okay to not be okay, this is something I repeat to myself and to others almost daily

You could be the most positive person in the entire world but at times we all feel down, low, depressed, unhappy. Call it whatever you want to, it happens to us all.

Firstly, the trick is not to stay there, don’t wallow there, that leads to low stored vibration in the body and mind.

The issue here is that staying in the low mood, the low vibration, that activates the stress hormones that are in your body.

Your body wants to protect you

Moreover, it fears that you are in danger which leads to an imbalance, and can cause emotional and mental health issues.

In today’s world of social media it is way too easy to feel that you are the only one suffering. Therefore, all around you people seem to have the perfect lives.

Recognise that this is not true, don’t get sucked in to the lie. They don’t have perfect lives, no-one is happy all of the time, it is just not real life.

Embracing the moments that are tough and validating them can be massively empowering.

Acknowledging how you feel, listening to yourself and knowing that its okay (and perfectly human) to be hurting.

Its not wrong to be feeling that way you do

This is not about accepting and ignoring your feelings.

Firstly, it’s about accepting and then moving through that feeling. Secondly, acknowledge it, thank it for the lesson it is teaching you. And thirdly, find something that works for you to release the feeling.

There are many practices that I have learnt over the years to move through a situation that is disempowering.

Below are some of the things that have helped me, that I can teach you.

They are easy solutions to move your energy from one of low to high and get you back to feeling happier.

They may help you too.


Do you practice yoga? you will know all about the power of the breathe if you do.

Learning a few different breathing techniques is one of the easiest and simple ways to centre yourself. It always grounds me and brings me back to the present moment.

It allows my mind the opportunity to stop and free itself from the thoughts that made you want to hide away.

This technique is perfect and easy – do it for as long as it takes you to feel better. 

Try this, it may help. Just breath in for five, hold for five, and let go for five (if you do that five times you have just practiced the 555 breathe).


I love affirmations, everyone uses them. The trouble is most people are affirming things they don’t want. I feel fat, I am too old, I look awful in this, I cant do it – these are all negative affirmations.

Positive affirmations or positive mantra’s however can be life changing. I create my own all the time.

I often feel into what I am fearing or thinking and create something that resonates. What it is that you need to hear in order to feel better? ”I am worthy, I am successful, I am perfect just the way I am” might work for you.

It needs to feel right and it needs to come from the heart. Then say it over and over again. Sitting in traffic, passing a mirror, when you are on the toilet, in every ad break – say it.

If you need help I can teach you how to craft affirmations that work in every situation, just reach out or read my blog post here.


One of the things that I love to do to get me out of a funk is dance. Put on some happy, empowering music and dance like no-one is watching you.

Movement is brilliant for changing your mind and bringing it back to a happier state.

Truth be told any type of movement is good for body, mind and soul – get out in nature and go for a walk.

After that, use your steps to begin to feel grateful for what you do have instead of focusing on what you don’t. Say thank you every time your foot hits the ground. List all the things you have in your life to be grateful for

Your home, your family, your pets, your job, money in the bank etc – use your steps to help calm your mind and keep things in perspective.

I talk more about this here, its incredible motivating to just move your body.


Sometimes talking through a problem with someone you love and trust can be all you need.

They can give you a different perspective, help you see what you are going through without the emotional attachment that you may have.

Other people might be able to see something that you cant see or make a point that you just hadn’t considered.

Or they might just listen, support, empathise and validate whatever it is that you are feeling.

Whatever happens talking about how you feel to a friend who you trust implicitly can and will make you feel better, just to get it off your chest.

I can be that cheerleader, the perfect person to chat to.


For some people this might be a little woo woo,

But for me it works every single time.

I don’t think of meditation as sitting for hours chanting, for me it is more about reconnecting with myself and being present in the moment.

We once again come back to the power of the breathe.

When I sit, even just for two or three minutes,and still my mind, get rid of the constant chatter and just be present, its in that moment I often get answers to problems that I wasn’t able to see before.

Google guided meditations – there are thousands out there which lead you along the way, or try one of mine here.

Meditation is so calming

Next time you are stuck in a feeling of despair or fear just know that its okay not to be okay.

Use some of the techniques above and please let me know if they have helped you.

Its okay not to be okay, ways I can help you

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