I have recently been hearing more and more about a Russian Psychic and Mathematician called Grabovoi Grigori. and his Grabovoi codes.

Apparently you can use the codes for manifesting or healing.

It has fascinated me so I wanted to find out more.

So Grabovoi Grigori (the person who discovered Grabovoi Codes) was born on 14th November 1963.

He claims to be a clear sighted healer.

And the founder of the System of “Salvation and Harmonious Development” of all beings

He has also written many books but the book of his that relates most closely to this topic and these codes is called ‘Restoration of the Human organism through Concentration on Numbers’.

So what exactly are Grabovoi numbers?

The premise behind the numbers, the codes working, is that we are all energy.

We are all connected by specific frequencies, by energy frequencies.

We are all connected by the electromagnetic field of the earth.

So basically the energy behind the numbers can heal the energy field of our bodies.

The codes, the numbers, work with our individual systems, with our energy to change things internally within us, so in healing or in manifestation.

You will have heard of ‘You can Heal your life’ or using sounds and frequencies in meditation on YouTube, so its not a new idea.

So How do we use these Numbers?

Have a watch of my video where I explain more here:

You could memorise them and use them like affirmations in your every day.

Repeat them all day everyday, say them out loud or in your head, just casually say them while brushing your teeth or sat in traffic.

I smile when I am saying mine because that automatically makes me feel love and gratitude at the same time as saying the numbers.

Be open minded about them, believe the magic and see the magic, believe in the universe and you will see the universe working for you. 

Give them a go and let me know your experience of using them intentionally.

I am definitely going to incorporate them into my day and I cant wait to see the results that I get.

Some Grabovoi Numbers that you could use

Romantic Love – 401543512

Unexpected Money – 520 741 8

Fame – 8277237

Good Health – 80845700

Weight Loss without diet – 5343168

Unconditional Love – 56 57 893

Everything is Possible – 519 7148

Unexpected Wealth – 17517038

Best of all I have found a website which generates your own specific number.

You can use it for anything your want to attract: CLICK HERE

Grabivoi Codes

8 thoughts on “How to use Grabovoi Grigori Codes”

  1. Tonya Smith-Glover

    I have heard that you also have to write these codes on your wrist. Is that true? That you know of of course!

    1. I have heard of this method (and from what I can gather always on your left wrist) however that’s not the method that I use. I have never written them on my wrist and just spoken them aloud and in my head and they work from my own experience. There is a statement that makes them work even more powerfully. I have linked a new youtube channel to my personal channel specifically for using Grabovoi. I will put the link to my channel for you, go and have a look at that if you want to, the statement is in the description for any of the videos.

      1. Martina N Harbinson

        I have been journaling these and also have written them on my left wrist . And when I tell u it works with ease now that I have been doing it for over six months and see results on a daily basis . Good luck everyone this is not a joke it works!!!

  2. The generator has yet to generate numbers for me with spaces. Does that matter? Have you used it to generate a number and then it gave you a number without spaces and you manifested what you intended?

    1. Hi, I dont think the spaces matter, I just say my numbers as a sequence, so one after the other if there are no spaces involved, I have still seen it work even like that so I dont think you should focus on the spaces, just say the numbers one after the other and see what happens, hope that helps xx

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