If you have worked with me before you know I am obsessed with the Law of Attraction, teaching you how to manifest anything you want.

Anything to do with manifesting, The Secret, vision boards, affirmations, visualisation.

They all make me feel all warm and fuzzy and instantly raise my vibration.

Have you ever tried it?

Have you been successful or do you think its a load of rubbish?

You may have even tried to manifest what you want but you’re feeling a bit stuck.

It might not have worked exactly how you though it would but yet something keeps drawing you back to it.

It could be that you are missing one of the steps needed to making it happen.

I use a 4 step process and its absolutely foolproof – read on if you are keen to give it a go yourself.

Set your Intention

“Our intention is everything, nothing happens on this planet without it”  Jim Carrey

If you have been to one of my coaching sessions or done one of my courses or even worked one on one with me you will have heard me talk about intention.

Intention is the very first step.

Everything that you aspire to be do or have will start with an intention.

An intention is the starting point for every dream or idea the world over.

Its absolutely vital in manifestation to identify your intention (essentially what you want) and write it down!!

Writing it down changes it from a dream to an intention, from a thought to a thing and its powerful.

Writing it down opens the door to the universe and starts the magic.

This is why I LOVE the dream journal process which you can have a watch of here.

If you want to intensify the intention write it down………

Then meditate and visualise how you would feel if you already had it.

Get Really Clear

“Clarity is power, the more clear you are about EXACTLY what it is you want, the more the brain knows how to get there”  Author Unknown 

The next step is to get really clear about the intentions you want.

When you know exactly what it is that you want then you can take steps towards the dream.

As we talked about in step one writing it down is massive in getting clear.

Creating a vision board is also powerful – see my blog post about this here.

Meditating on the thing helps you get clear.

Try and break the big dream down in to one clear and concise thing so not to confuse the brain and the subconscious with many different ways that it could go.

One dream by one dream by one dream is all it takes.

Clarity is power.

Ask for what you want

So you have set your intention.

Your’re clear on what it is that you actually want (its your dream not someone else’s)

Now it’s time to amplify everything by a million, to do that you need to ask for what you want.

The universe has your back all the time and when you are totally clear about what you want and you start to ask for it then it kicks in to gear and helps you.

Asking can be as easy as visualisation, meditation, the dream diary process, writing a journal, sit in  a quiet place and talk to the universe and tell it what you want, it really is that simple.

Daily consistent practice (in any of the ways above) is the perfect process to ask for help.

Raise Your Frequency

When you are trying to work with the law of attraction it’s easy to get blocked, disheartened, frustrated, you start to doubt everything, you start to think that its all rubbish, that you cant do it etc.

Your thoughts will sabotage you at every turn if you let them, your subconscious mind is always working in the background to trip you up.

But, your conscious mind can easily be reprogrammed but its what you do and say to yourself unconsciously that really counts.

If you start to think thoughts of doubt or that you cant do it that is what you will manifest.

You have to trust the process, the universe really does have your back all the time, trust the process.

Being able to let go of the things you cant control, the limiting self talk, the negative chatter, the self bullying is crucial in this process.

You dont need to know how the universe will do its thing, you dont need all the answers, you just need to trust and that can be hard if you have never worked in this way before.

This is the step where most people get caught out, their brain wants to trip them up and do what it has always done which is negative, the I cant’s, the I wonts, the I am not worthy’s.

You have to raise you energy and your thinking.

There are so many ways to do this.

Meditations, affirmations, gratitude, being thankful for what you have right now, dream boards, journaling, catching the negative thoughts and changing them before they take root

Working with a coach (me for example)

These are all ways of staying in alignment with what you truly desire and crucial to the manifestation process.

Try it for yourself

Try the steps outlined above, have a go, be ready to receive.

If you want to go deeper let me know .

I can help.

I am here ready to be your biggest cheerleader any time you need me.

How to manifest anything you want

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