So you want to know how to detach and manifest with ease?

How to detach and manifest with ease………..if you are here to find out the key, you’ve come to the right place.

When you are working with the Law of Attraction there are 12 universal laws that basically state our thoughts create our reality and that we can literally manifest anything we want……………if…………..we can detach from the outcome.

So detach to manifest with ease, right?!?

What, what does that actually mean? its the biggest question I get asked about when people need help with manifesting.

In a nutshell we have to think about what we want while also detaching from it and not really thinking about it.

Confusing much!!!

In manifesting trying to detach from the outcome is one of the most misunderstood and confusing parts of manifestation.

So how do you actually detach from the thing that you most want in life?

The process of manifesting is simply ask, believe, receive.

Ask for what it is that you want, totally believe that you can have it with absolutely no doubt and be ready, willing and absolutely open to receiving it.

Most people get the ask part, simple right you know what you want and you simply ask the universe for it.

Your believing that you can have it, that’s the trickier part, because how can you be absolutely 100% completely sure you can have it without actually ever thinking of it again?!?

Its all about feelings, its all about the energy that you put in to it.

Our feelings and therefore the energy behind those feelings play the biggest part in manifesting (or not manifesting) what we want.

Because feelings usually come with attachment, not detachment

But what happens when you use your feelings to help you with the detachment part?

That is where the magic happens.

My video above gives you an easy to understand law of attraction technique on how to detach from your manifestation and the outcome that you want yet still feel all the feelings.

And it is literally me talking about burgers for 15 minutes haha (who doesn’t want that right?!?)

Seriously though……… when it comes to manifesting, detaching is one of the biggest parts and the part that I get so many comments about, so have a watch and get ready to order your own burger.

And here is the link to the 5 x 55 course that I talk about that will have you manifesting anything you want with absolute ease:

How to manifest anything with ease

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