Have you ever had a coffee alternative?

There are a couple of cafe’s here in the town that I live that are pretty health conscious.

The food and drinks they serve are mostly organic and full of wholefoods and goodness.

They have raw desserts and gluten free fare in their cabinets and the salads and main options are to die for

Or you could make your own healthy chocolate.

Or maybe some bliss balls.

They also do pretty good coffee.

Almond, coconut and cashew milk are my go-to’s and why I frequent these particular places more than any other.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a bit of a coffee snob.

I wont drink instant coffee at all.

It does not taste very nice to me.

And is just not the same if it hasn’t been roasted and added to smooth velvety deliciously foamy milk.

When did my love of coffee start

When I lived in the UK I did not drink coffee at all.

I would never have dreamt of going out for a coffee.

But moving here to New Zealand the coffee culture that they have here sort of creeps up on you.

Before you know it you cant walk past a coffee shop without wanting to go in.

So what happens then when you want to be healthy but not have caffeine in your diet?

When you miss going to the cafe.

You miss having a coffee on the weekend with family or in the week with friends?

Step in Matcha Latte

One coffee alternative – Matcha is finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea.

Matcha is made from high-quality tea.

Its also made from the whole green tea leaf so it’s a much more potent source of nutrients.

In addition to providing vitamins and minerals it is also high in antioxidants called polyphenols.

These protect against heart disease and cancer.

As well as giving you better blood sugar regulation, reducing blood pressure and helping with anti-aging.

Matcha is also said to be a good source of EGCG.

EGCG is a polyphenol that has been shown to boost your metabolism (wahoo).

Sounds like a win/win however matcha still contains caffeine so although it is much better for you than coffee if caffeine is something you are trying to avoid altogether then you may want to find an alternative.

Or what about a turmeric latte?

Another coffee alternative – this is where the turmeric latte is so amazing.

It is incredibly good for you and contains no caffeine whatsoever.

It has become so popular in many cafes around the world that the Guardian has named it as “your 2016 drink of choice”. 

Turmeric has many health benefits and it most commonly known for its anti-inflammatory properties, high antioxidants and phytonutrients.

As well as having this in my local cafe I also have a batch of it made up at home so if I fancy a cup while I am working or before bedtime then it is readily available.

It is easy to do and keep in an airtight container in the cupboard and I have also been known to take this little tub with me when I am out and about with friends just in case we stop for coffee and the cafe does not have any.

In my container I mix equal parts turmeric, cinnamon and ginger and a couple of pinches of black pepper (the pepper helps the goodness from the spices to be absorbed by your body)

And there you have it, its that easy.

To make a cup of this golden milk goodness all you do is get your milk of choice (mine is usually coconut milk)

Add a half to a full teaspoon of your spice mix (depending on how strong tasting you like it) and warm through on the stove top

Or because I have a milk frother I pour mine in to that and let that heat and froth my drink for me.

If you have a particularly sweet tooth or find this too bitter you could even add a teaspoon of honey to the mix.

Coffee Alternatives

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