Do you suffer from low self confidence, or even suffer from no self confidence?

I used to.

My confidence was way down.

I didn’t like anything about myself and in that state of mind its very hard to have any confidence at all….

In anything about myself, or the world I was living in, let alone building a business and believing I had anything special to share with the world..

I used to tell myself lies each and every day

My narrative was its arrogant to be too confident

I don’t want to seem cocky, I find too much self confidence really unappealing and quite an ugly character trait.

If I build too much confidence in myself I’ll come across as fake and no one like inauthenticity.

I am nothing special, in fact I am nothing at all so I cant be confident in anything that I do

Basically, I am pretty useless at everything.

Who am I to try and build a successful business, why would anyone listen to me.

If you are saying any of these things then you know what it’s like to be filled with so much self doubt.

Such low self worth.


Its time to learn how to love yourself better.

And not in an egotistical way, but in a way that is totally imperative to your state of mind.

If only you could see yourself that way that everyone else around you does.

You are amazing, you are beautiful, you are unique, there is no one else like you on this earth.

Its time for you to rebuild that confidence, in yourself and in your voice,

You are here to shine, your birthright is abundance, it is time to turn up your light not dim it.

What I know………..

Many people have tried to dim my light, including myself, in fact mostly myself.

I talk more about this very subject here and give you journaling techniques to work through how you are feeling.

And once you have built up your confidence again it is absolutely imperative for you to know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with having self confidence, despite what you might have heard and thought in the past.

When your self confidence comes from a place of love, a place of respect, a place of authenticity.

When you shine you allow others to shine aorund you.

You show your children, your partner, your family, your colleagues how to shine.

When you build belief in yourself you make it ok for others who are around you to believe in themselves too.

They see you shine and they see you move forward, that makes it easy for them to do the same.

Learn from Me

I have been at absolute rock bottom in my confidence levels, and here I am at the very top of my game right now.

I know what it takes – it takes patience with yourself, it takes building self love, it takes self care, it takes building self worth.

Many of my courses can guide you through the steps to self confidence, click on the ‘work with me tab’ above (or here) and see how I can help you.

However, my book ‘Your Life by Design’ is probably the easiest guide to take to help you believe in yourself.

To help you gain self confidence, so much self confidence that you can begin to shine your light so brightly you will be blinding.

You will light up any room you walk in to.

It will show you how to own it all, believe in yourself, trust in you voice and start seeing what everyone else seeds.

You deserve it.

Do you suffer from low self confidence

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