Do you practice negative internal chatter?

Or berate yourself constantly?

Bullying yourself?

Do you want to stop and just be happy?

What is the secret to long lasting happiness anyway?

There have been many studies done on happiness, such as this one from harvard.

But what about you, how happy, or unhappy, would you say you were?

I have always considered myself a happy person, definitely glass half full.

Are there times when I’m not happy? Of course. Do I wish I could be happier? Yes.

Do I practice negative internal chatter? Yes definitely.

Think about this…….

Have you ever gone to bed without brushing your teeth? without taking off your make up? doing the washing up from last nights diner?

I’m willing to bet the answer to that is yes.

I am pretty sure that you didn’t wake up the next day and tell yourself that you are such a failure, you messed up big time, I didn’t brush my teeth last night so I might as well give up and never brush my teeth again, I am such a loser.

Or maybe I didn’t take off my make up last night so I might as well never use my skin care routine again and just give in to the spots and wrinkles, I am such a loser.

And as for the washing up I might as well never do the dishes again and just let the sink overflow with mess, I am such a loser.


I am guessing you woke up and brushed your teeth as usual, did your skin care routine and walked in to the kitchen and loaded the dish washer.

You didn’t beat yourself up over not doing the thing last night.

Now let’s apply that same scenario to the rest of your life to enable you to find your happy.

Time and time again I see people discouraged by the slip ups, beating themselves up and plunged into a downward spiral – cheat on the diet, and so starts a period of binge eating and self-loathing.

Make a mistake in their relationship, and so starts the negative self-talk that no-one will ever love them.

Didn’t press play on the live video that they wanted to do for their new business, and so starts the hateful comments and telling themselves that they are such a failure.

No one is perfect, don’t even try and attain perfection, it does not exist

Instead find your happy.

I was meant to do a live video today over on my Facebook page but I didn’t get round to it, that wont stop me doing it tomorrow.

One my diet, I cheated yesterday and had a food that I know inflames me but it doesn’t mean I’ll eat that same food again tomorrow.

Stop starting and then stopping – talking yourself out of good things.
The self-deprecating words that do not do anybody any good, least of all you.
Chasing the perfection that does not exist and truth be told its boring as hell.
Rushing the process, instead let it unfold naturally without the pressure of being all things to everyone.

Lasting Changes

When you make changes lasting, when you make things a lifestyle rather than a fad there is no falling off, there is only picking yourself back up and starting again on a new day.

That is the key, make changes to your life and your emotions and your thinking long lasting, dont beat yourself up if you dont do it perfectly from day one.

This is a stage of learning and growing.

This is the key to making new pathways in the brain – its the key to success, sustainability, contentment and happiness in all that you do every single day.

Gratitude can be a good way to make happiness more of a practice.

You can read more about that here.

Or I have written a book to help you with just this topic, check it out, it might change your life.

Do you practice negative internal chatter?

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