Change your thoughts change your life

I truly and honestly believe that we can all have absolutely everything in life that we really want.

Those things that we dream about, those things that we are constantly thinking about.

The things that make us feel happy, joy, excitement or even a little bit scared at times.

Those dreams and those things are usually drawn to us for a reason.

They have been put in our minds for a reason.

Normally, that reason is that they ARE what we are meant to have, be or do.

The only barrier to having all of the above is US,

We are getting in our own way, we are stopping ourselves from having it all.

Its not circumstances, it is not our lack of money to start something, it is not our being a wife, mum, single parent

It’s our core subconscious beliefs.

I know that this is true because I have experienced it.

The moment I learnt to release the “I’m not worthy” or the “I cant have that” story

A story I used to tell myself constantly

When I released it life began giving me more and more of what I really wanted.

So once again, change your thoughts, change your life

We all have blocks, we all have things that we tell ourselves over and over and over again.

The internal chatter that pops up in our heads when we think of something that we want or that we dream about.

Internal chatter or the stories we tell ourselves enough times, they become our beliefs which then become our reality.

Meaning that if you want to change your reality the fundamental step to doing that is to start changing the the beliefs you have about yourself.

Think about that for a moment……..

Think about an area of life that you love, thats easy for you.

When you think about this area of your life, how do you speak to yourself about it?

You’ll notice that you don’t berate yourself about it, you don’t bully yourself about it.

You don’t feel a lack on this area.

If you believe you are a healthy person that eats well you don’t tell everyone you meet (or yourself) that you are not.

If you have a job that you absolutely love and know that you are brilliant at you don’t berate yourself daily for not being better.

Expand and grow

I am going to say this once more because I really want you to get it – what you believe is what you create, your thoughts become your reality.

You need to start consciously reprogramming those beliefs to get through to the subconscious.

The subconscious is where our beliefs are stored. Within our subconscious we hold it all, beliefs, emotions and memories.

If we are subconsciously holding onto fear, shame, guilt, anger, resentment, self-judgement or any of these emotions then this causes a massive block in our body and keeps us stuck exactly where we are right now.

We need to lean in to what we are feeling and accept ourselves anyway.

We have to do this in order to release the feelings and let them go, they don’t serve us anymore, they are not our REALITY. Feel them, thank them for the lesson and let them go. 

If we hang on to them we are more likely to experience more and more and more resistance and the road ahead will be bumpy.

Change the programming and you change your life – its that simple.

Change your thoughts change your life

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