OMG Bliss Balls are the best!!!!!!!!

Anyone who knows me knows that I have the sweetest tooth

I would rather go out to dinner and have two desserts than a main meal.

Anything sweet calls to me and I have had to have iron clad willpower over the years to resist so that is why bliss balls are a staple in my pantry.

They’re moist, chewy and packed full of healthy ingredients like nuts and dates and the best bit is they can be made in minutes – what’s not to love!!!!

The worst thing about bliss balls is that they keep popping up on my Facebook feed when I am looking for something else and distracting me with their deliciousness.

So I figured instead of just going to make some I should share them as well.

They are the perfect mid morning snack, afternoon snack or after dinner treat.

If you are like me and love having a little something sweet with your morning cappuccino or green tea (depending on my mood) then these are the perfect accompaniment.

I have also been known to make them up in mega batches and give them as pressies to people at Christmas or birthdays or just because…..

They are also perfect for lunch boxes or an after school snack for your little ones and because they are super healthy and super delicious everyone’s a winner.

This recipe is adapted from the ones made at my local cafe – but be warned they are absolutely delicious and you may well get addicted!!


24 soaked dates
1 cup cashews
1 cup brazil nuts
2 tsps vanilla essence
6 tbsp cacao powder
3 drops of orange essence
1 tbsp honey (or more if you want more sweetness)
Pinch bit of chilli powder (optional)
1 tsp cinnamon


Soak dates in boiling water for at least 10 mins.

Drain and squeeze as much water out as possible and set aside.

Place cashews, and brazil nuts into processor and process until a coarse texture.

Add vanilla and orange essences, cacao, honey, chilli, cinnamon and dates.

Process to a fine texture, add water if mixture is too thick and not coming together.

Roll in to small bite size balls and place in the fridge to keep fresh.

See easy as that – hope you love them, now i’m off to have a cuppa and guess what, a bliss ball.

If anyone has any other amazing bliss ball recipes for me to try please leave me a comment and I will definitely try them and let you know what I think.

Bliss Balls

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