The reality of an awakening and evolving practice is not always what it seems and as we near the end of this year, 2022, I am as always reflecting and looking back at what veils have been lifted for me and how I have changed as a result of them lifting.

Choosing to Awaken

I truly believe that in 2020 the whole world went through an awakening, what we lived through, what the world became, what we witnessed was a death of sorts and then a rebirth of something else, something different, maybe something better? The world as we knew it was cracked open wide and forever changed. For those of us who are in touch with the spiritual side of our lives, we chose to be here during that time for a reason, we chose to become a light in the darkness and to learn from it.

So I don’t think that it was a coincidence that In 2021 I then chose to ‘Awaken’ with the help of two amazing souls who I believe were sent to earth to inspire, teach and uplift many – the LOA Twins. That journey with them leading the way and guiding me through was, to say the least, challenging and one of the hardest I have ever faced in my human lifetime.

Awakening is exactly like the birth of a baby, or a caterpillar transforming from the hard tough exterior of a cocoon into a beautiful butterfly. It forces you to feel, to shed who you were before and become something different, to birth something that should not be able to be birthed when you look at the physicality of it. It stretches you and forces you to breathe to allow it to pass just as a mother does during childbirth.

I chose to do it, I wanted to do it because in doing so I surrendered all of the past that had ever hurt me, I began to live my truths and I connected on an even deeper level with my Higher Self (you can read more about that here) and my non-physical guides.

But in facing those past fears I was forced to relive many of them, go back in to the memory bank of my life and revisit hard, haunting, fearful times that nearly destroyed me, sunk me, pulled me under and threatened to never let me back up again.

In the reliving of them however, I was able to work through them and witness myself as I was then and as I am now. With that came the realisation that I was stronger than I realised and I had already faced these moments and come out the other side. That I had already lived them and survived, that they no longer had to hold any power over me – and so I let them go.

Using the phrase ‘the truth is………’ one by one they came in, they taught me that I no longer needed to fear them, and then they flowed out again like riding the ebb and flow of a wave, a wave of feeling, a wave of emotion, a wave of forgiving and releasing.

From that my truth deck was born, from my wanting to help others ride the same wave, to survive the same wave, to flow to forgiveness, to healing, to releasing and ultimately to love.

In any awakening there can be times where within the despair you also feel love and hope and become truly inspired but using the phrase ‘the truth is’ it can also be excruciating as we attempt to put together all of the pieces our lives – we pull them apart only to put them back again only this time stronger, wiser, more loving. And once awake it is impossible to go back to how we once were, to go back to sleep, to live how we did before.

And so we search and we search and we search for more, for better, for good in everything and that requires guts, honesty and a devotion to be better than we were yesterday and continue to be better than we were day after day after day.


And so this year, in 2022 I chose to also evolve as a human being, to become more than, to become all of me with the help of my YOU.

As my coach Sarah Morgan says “A new time is here on our earth. A new way for humans to be and live. Out with the old and in with so much new. Love is what it is all about. New Energy is has arrived. It’s called EvolvE YOU. “What’s that?” It’s EVERYTHING! Everything you want to have, everything you want to be, literally – everything.

And for me so far the journey has been so much easier than my journey to awaken. In this new energy I feel much freer, much lighter, much more at ease. A better mum, a better wife, a better person to be around.

Awakening and Evolving happens when you are no longer living in a dream world where you filter everything through your ego and focusing on the future and the past. Instead, you have an almost simultaneous awareness of your individual self and the connection between that and everything else.

Deepak Chopra

Within this I am striving to find inner peace, to live my new state of living which is ‘Excellence’ and staying within my optimal emphasised want for living which is ‘Divine Flow’. How amazing is that to know and to learn.

Excellence doesn’t mean my having to be excellent at everything in my life moving forward and to push, push, push to always be better and do better, it means to be shiny and bright and loving. It has magic within it and that feels light and allows me to feel and live with excellence and lightness and magical love in all that I do moving forward.

To always be the best version of me with no harsh edges, to excel in my newness and to allow wonder into everything I do.

And to ‘flow’ divinely, to have flow, to feel flow, to always be in flow feels really wonderous to me. Who doesn’t want that? When life is flowing and free life is wonderful. having the freedom and the desire to live my life now with flow is powerful.

Things to help……

If you too feel called then some practices that can help include:


Spending time outside

Laughing and having fun

Dancing and singing

Connect with others who light you up and support you

Practicing gratitude

Slowing down to really feel

As Eckhart Tolle says, “You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life, but by realising who you are at the deepest level.”

So in summary whilst the reality of an awakening and evolving practice is not always pretty, can be hard and challenging and bring up so much emotion and despair, in going through them you also feel love and hope and become truly inspired to live a better more wonderful life and that can only be a good thing for everyone.

Much love, Jane x

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