Are you living with intention or are you living on autopilot? Are you intentional or passive?

Being intentional is one of the most life changing and powerful things you can do.

When you wake up in the morning you do the same things over and over again.

Your brain will be thinking the same thoughts it thought yesterday.

You will walk to the toilet, brush your teeth, look at yourself in the mirror, talk to and say the same words to yourself – probably not very nice things.

Recycled thoughts, feelings and actions from yesterday, last week, last decade even.

Have those thoughts and feelings and actions worked so far?

These thoughts that you have been thinking.

The things you have been saying, the actions that you have been taking.

How have those been going for you so far?

Living on autopilot and NOT being INTENTIONAL is thinking the thoughts that haven’t served you for years.

Over and over again.

Taking the actions that haven’t served you for years, over and over again.

Then the feelings follow.









Or maybe all of the above.

The same things you have been feeling over and over again for days, months, years, decades.

Living on autopilot, having no intention about anything.

What even is autopilot?

How many times have you driven to a place you have driven to many times before and when you arrive at your destination, you can’t even remember driving there?

That is autopilot.

Your brain didn’t need instruction.

It didn’t need to think, it knew what to do and where to go and how to drive the car because it had done it before, it was habitual, it did it without any intention at all.

It is exactly the same for your thoughts.

In any areas when you are thinking about your life, relationships, love, career, money – how you see yourself, what you think about yourself.

Your brain will think the thoughts you have repeatedly thought for years.

Which means you will do the same things, repeat the same actions, have the same outcomes over and over again.

So if your thoughts are on autopilot saying things like I am not good enough, I can’t do it, what if I fail, I am not worthy of that, I will never be successful.

Over and over again – that will create the same results that you have right now.

And it starts from the minute you wake up first thing in the morning.

Are you ready to experience something different?

If you are tired of the same old thing, the same old pattern, the same old results.

Then it it time to get intentional.

Start to become intentional with your thoughts and start right now, right this minute and never go back to autopilot again.

The first step is to be aware, what thoughts are you thinking over and over that are not serving you in any way?

What is replaying in your head, what do you keep repeating over and over again?

Acknowledge them, see those thoughts, recognise them.

And then once you acknowledge them and see them “judgement free” you can start to intentionally create new ones.

New thoughts that will help you be more positive, more productive, leading to actions that can create change – not the same old same old.

If you want to stop the cycle of ‘I am not good’ enough for example, that is a thought that will create no action at all towards what you want.

Be intentional about that thought, change it, stop it in its tracks – find an affirmation that goes against ‘I am not worthy’ – flip it – ‘I am not worthy’ becomes ‘I deserve everything that I want’ or even as simple as ‘I am worthy’.

(You could use my affirmation guide which you can get below to help you)

When you recognise the thoughts and the patterns and you begin getting intentional about what you do want to think and what you do want to have, and then you do that repeatedly over and over again instead.

Things begin to change.

Create thoughts that will cause you to feel emotions that help you to take action, to move forward, not to stay stuck.

Dig into your brain to identify what thoughts need changing, flip them to create new better thoughts and then post those thoughts everywhere.

Post them on your night stand, your computer monitor, your phone background, your fridge, your mirror where you brush your teeth, by your toilet, anywhere you will see them daily.

Be intentional about it.

Set a reminder on your phone every few hours to remind yourself to think your new thoughts.

Be intentional by instructing your brain first thing in the morning to think the new thoughts, the better thought not the old recycled stuff it usually feeds you.

You get to decide.

Know that you always have a choice.

Be intentional and create whatever it is that you want.

Start today. Don’t wait. Don’t procrastinate.

Be intentional now and carry that intention throughout your life forever more and watch the thoughts and actions and beliefs that you have change.

Be Intentional

2 thoughts on “Are You Being Intentional?”

    1. Brilliant Pam, procrastination is one of my worst traits too and this really helped me move past that, I have ‘I am enough’ written in lipstick on the mirror in my bathroom and my bedroom and its such a good visual reminder. Its also brilliant because the girls see it and ask me what its for, starting them young haha

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