Do you feel different to other people?

Are you a lightworker, Do you resonate with the word witch? Do you feel and see yourself as somehow different, that life has to have some sort of bigger meaning but you have no idea what that is?

So many people in the world are gifted, not in an ‘educational’ way but rather in a spiritual or leading edge way.

Yet, so many of them doubt their gift. They doubt their abilities. So they disconnect from them, sometimes slightly, sometimes fully.

Why is this?

From my experience and my own life I have come to realise that most spiritually gifted people I know who doubt themselves do so because they have experienced some kind of trauma in their life.

Or maybe trauma in past lives, they may have been a witch burned at the stake or drowned for speaking their truth. Instead of being a lightworker they felt dark at a time when dark was just not acceptable.

They are not able to ‘big themselves up’ they way others can and so they questions and seek to clarify from others in their life that what they are feeling is real, that they really are spiritual, that they really can do what they feel they were called to do.

The trauma or the circumstance or the emotions they are feeling have altered and affected their self confidence and self esteem in such a way that they are afraid to put themselves out there and truly show up as their true authentic self.

Tall poppy syndrome is prevalent and we quite often feel that if we show up we will be knocked down.

If we talk about what we can do we will be shut down.

Being confident in our skills and who we are is seen as egotistical and so we worry that people will think we are up ourselves or full of ourselves and that our message has no substance.

But what if that’s backwards?

I truly believe that we need to ask a different question, which is this……..

If we hold ourselves back and quash down our gifts, quieten our voices and stop doing what we were called to do then do people miss out?

If we hold ourselves back is that actually a selfish thing to do?

If we were sent this gift to serve others, to benefit others, to help others and then we don’t talk and don’t show up and don’t share are we taking away an opportunity for others to learn from us and to grow and to change?

I am extremely fortunate to have worked with my own coaches who are absolute changemakers, who are at the forefront of change and evolution in the world. Through my own awakening I have become friends with many gifted souls that were born with their skills but until awakening didn’t do anything with them.

Even though they felt they were different, like myself, they knew their purpose was real BUT they didn’t trust it, they didn’t believe it fully and so pushed it down. Quietening their voice in the world.

Be the Lightworker

Becoming a lightworker is magical.

Its time for light workers and witches and all other gifted individuals to rise. You wont be hurt or ridiculed or killed anymore, life has moved on and I truly believe that allowing yourself to authentically show up as a lightworker is emphasised and needed in the world, especially at the moment.

It is not a coincidence that you are living on earth as a physical human right now, in this time of turbulence and upheaval.

You chose this, you are needed, it is time to truly share your voice, to share your gifts.

In my own life I always wanted to be someone who helped to change the world and helped the collective consciousness BUT I was completely turned off by the thoughts of having to do the work. It scared me and I had no desire to stand out.

And so even though I wanted it I also had no desire to do it.

I knew I was different, I knew it and I accepted it fully BUT I had no idea why I was different, why I felt different and why I seemed to think differently to all of the other people in my life at the time.

I just wanted to be “normal” to blend in, to be like everyone else. But guess what, trying to be like everybody else made me miserable.

Like there was a side of myself that I was afraid to show, but that side of me was the REAL me, that’s what made me ME.

And so I had zero self love and zero self esteem.

Be Authentic, Trust the Gift

BUT it is only when I started to trust myself and lean into my gifts and my light that I became completely happy and fully expressed, full of self love and self esteem.

When I became my true authentic self, showing up as all of me, not just small parts of me, that is when I flourished.

Ignoring your gift, ignoring your difference will not serve you, you will always feel like you missed out on something. You will always, without fail, feel that there’s a part of you missing.

You will feel broken and not fully and completely you, that’s because you’re not – your YOU wants to be all of you, not just parts of you.


Accept that you are a changemaker, that you are different, that you are special.

Its truly magical and liberating.

Take the first energetic steps to becoming who you are, then you will be lead, you will heal, you will awaken, you will evolve and that will ultimately lead you to understanding your true purpose and your life will finally make sense.

The world needs the true authentic version of you, not the edited version that you think people want to see.

Just you……..all of you……..all sides of you – in all of your realness, your rawness, your magic, the YOU with a voice to share, love to give and expansion in your soul.

It’s time to step up and truly be YOU.

Are you a Lightworker?

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