Today’s topic , 5 habits everyone trying to manifest needs to embrace, is going to be really good for those of you who are new to manifestation

Or if you confused by manifesting

You think its too hard and you don’t have enough time or knowledge to do it

And also for those of you who do know this stuff but just want a little reminder

So as the title suggests this is all about my top 5 habits or techniques or skills that I think everyone trying to manifest needs to embrace

I’m not a beginner but I still use these five things

I use them because they work, because they are easy and because they don’t take up lots of time

So these 5 habits are my starting point for if you are just getting into manifestation and you are a total beginner

If you are trying to manifest anything embrace them

There are so many great techniques out there like meditation and breath work and decluttering and EFT and scripting and journaling and all of that stuff that I have also talked about before

(If you do want to go deeper then check out my 31 day manifesting course because it goes massively deeper)

But these five are just my five things to embrace and try and fit in every day if you can.

Shall we get into it?

Number 1

Okay so number one, the first habit that every manifestation beginner needs is, make a list of things that you are grateful for
I know that this is such a huge cliche and you are probably sitting there now thinking Jane I have heard this before but honestly its because it works
There is a reason that making a gratitude list is one of the first things you are asked to do in manifestation

If you’re feeling grateful for what you already have, you attract more to be grateful for
And it doesn’t matter how small it is or how insignificant it might be
And even if you’re just getting started and you think to yourself, there’s really nothing in my life that I can be grateful for…..

There always is if you look hard enough

And again this is huge cliche but the roof over your head, the food on your table, the warm bed that you sleep in, the duvet that keep you snuggly

The people in your life that love you, your dog, your cat

The simple things, the little things, if you take time out of your day to be grateful for those small little things, you will always attract more of those things to be grateful for

So commit to writing down at least five things each day that you’re grateful for

Number 2

The second habit that every manifestation beginner needs in my opinion is to feel good

This is so underrated – I feel like nobody really talks about this part in much depth but its massive

The simplest and easiest thing to do to attract the energy and the desire of what you want is to simply feel good

Make feeling good a part of your every day

It doesn’t matter if its being by the beach, walking in the forest, dancing around your living room, singing at the top of your voice in the car, drawing, drawing

Whatever it is that helps you feel good and happy and positive, do more of that

When you make simply feeling good a priority, you get into alignment in the most natural way possible, its your natural wiring

Number 3

The third habit that in my opinion, every manifestation beginner needs is focus on one thing at a time because it stops the overwhelm

Feeling overwhelmed does not feel good which does not feel high vibe, which does not have high energy which does not help you when you are trying to attract

Its a feeling that’s not helping, its not happy, its a feeling of lack so it knocks you out of alignment

There so much we want to have and attract sometimes – like the job, the house, the money, the travel, the soulmate, the car, the whatever

My advice when you’re just starting out is that its so much easier and so much simpler if you start out by just focusing on one thing at a time

So that does not mean you cant do the vision board or set your intentions at the beginning of the year by writing a vision list or having a vision board
but once you have done that focus on one thing on that list or on the board at a time.

So doing this, focusing on one thing at a time, will help you not get overwhelmed and will help to keep you high vibe and will help you to stay focussed

Number 4

I believe, and this ties in quite nicely with number three, that its much easier to start small

Manifesting like everything is a muscle that has to be worked and it comes with belief

If you don’t believe that you can manifest a million dollars chances are you wont because there will be some resistance to it

But you may believe that you can manifest a raise of 1000 dollars a year for example – a smaller amount

So start there and once you have the belief then build up to the bigger thing

Esther Hicks said its just as easy to manifest a castle as it is a cardboard box BUT in the beginning a castle feels waaaayyy out of reach because you have no evidence that you can do it

So go for the cardboard box and when you have built that trust in yourself go and get the castle

The energy is the same, the techniques are the same, the feelings and thoughts are the same

But you have to build that faith muscle first so start small, build your confidence, see your results, trust that you can do it and then go for the bigger stuff

Number 5

Number five is to do something, consume something, listen to something, watch something, that inspires you every single day

Whether that be through a podcast, a TEDX talk, a YouTube video, a personal development book

Whatever it is just consume inspiring content, not gossipy content or dark content or things that make you sad and unhappy

If you are always filling you head with gossip websites or reading negative news or watching negativity on your Facebook feed, it brings down your energy and can take you out of alignment

So focus on inspiring and uplifting things, things that make you happy and make you feel good

Especially in the morning or last thing at night when you are feeling sleepy, because your subconscious is open then

When you are in the state of half awake half asleep that’s when your subconscious is receptive to what you want to give it

So make sure that you start your day and end your day on something really positive and uplifting

The more you do that the more you will reprogram your mind to work for you not against you

10 minutes a day is all that’s needed

Read a chapter of a book or watch an inspirational video – 10 minutes of uplifting and inspiring content versus negativity and toxicity

So that is it in a nutshell my top five things………

One is list what you’re grateful for
Two is make feeling good a priority in your day each and every day
Three is focus on one thing that you’re manifesting at a time if you are a beginner
Four is start small and build up to the big stuff
Five is listen to watch or read inspiring uplifting things each day and stay away from negativity

Which of these are your favourite and what do you commit to making a habit?

5 Habits Everyone Trying to Manifest Needs to Embrace

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  1. I loved that Jane, definitely going to incorporate these things into my day. Thanks for the reminder. Jen Cox

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