Aura Colours and Their Meaning

Aura Colours

Have you ever wondered about the colour of your Aura? If you could see it? If you had the ability to know just what colour aura you have?

You can and you do.

Aura colours are caused by vibrations. You have a specific vibration and that correlates to the colour of your aura and they can change depending on what you are emitting and vibrating at any one time.

Even though they are every changing, we all have one overarching colour that is the colour of our soul. Our true aura colour in its purest of forms.

Some people can see these colours clearly all the time, others see them in photographs, some sense them and all of us can know them.

The aura colour wheel consists of seven main colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink and purple but can also include secondary colours such as white, grey, silver, gold , black and even rainbow.

Seeing an Aura

To try and see a persons aura try this – position them in front of a white or cream background and concentrate on the middle of their forehead, between their eyes for at least 60 seconds.

Without taking your eyes off the persons forehead, sense and scan the outer edges of the head, shoulders and arms.

If the white of the background appears brighter and holds some colour that is the prescience of their aura. Don’t worry if you dont see it clearly, if at all, the first time you try this – it can take concentration and patience to feel in to an aura using this method.

Feeling an Aura

Try to sense a person’s aura. Stand face to face with them and place the palms of your hands six to eight inches away from the top of their head.

Slowly move your hands up and down their body, keeping the distance of six to eight inches (much like in Reiki.)

Eventually, you will begin to feel a charge, an energy, heat or cold as you work your way around the body.

This is their aura, whilst feeling this close your eyes and feel into the colour, the first colour that comes to mind is the right one, dont second guess it.

What do the colours mean?

The aura colours you may see or sense are as follows:

  • Red – you are passionate, very competitive, energetic and very sexual in your nature.
  • Orange – you are adventurous and always ready for a challenge. You love living life to the full.
  • Yellow – you are sunshine, happy go lucky and most likely in the midst of a spiritual awakening. You are incredibly lovely to be around and make everyone feel better.
  • Green – you are connected to nature and love to help others. People with a green aura are well balanced, calming to be around and peaceful.
  • Blue – you are highly intuitive and enjoy helping others. You are good to have around in a crisis as you stay grounded and calm. You give good advice.
  • Pink – you are loving, sensual and creative. You appreciate the finer things in life. If you have just fallen in love you will most probably have a predominantly pink aura.
  • Purple – you are a daydreamer, you want to change the world and are most definitely a visionary and a changemaker. You are full of spiritual love and can have strong psychic abilities.
  • White – you are pure, white energy is usually found in earth angels, highly spiritual people and the purest and most beautiful souls.
  • Grey – you are potentially blocked in your energy fields throughout the body, if you have a high amount of grey in your aura you need to cleanse and clear by meditation or modalities such as reiki and eft.
  • Silver – you are abundant both spiritually and monetary. Silver aura’s are usually bright and indicate great physical and spiritual wealth in all areas of your life.
  • Gold – you are protected by spirit, connected to your angels and divine energies. You are always being guided.
  • Black – you are holding on to negativity. It is very rare to see a mostly black aura but those with some aspects of black can easily clear themselves with meditation.
  • Rainbow – you are a born healer and if you haven’t already should train to work with energy healing modalities such as reiki and eft. A rainbow aura is amazing and filled with joy.

If you have tried sensing and seeing an aura and still don’t feel confident in your ability to correctly get the colour you can try asking your higher self to give you your aura colour – try my free meditation here or take my aura colour quiz here.

Aura Colours