Books/Card Deck

My Life Changing Books and Card Deck

Growing up I always wanted to write a book (or two, or maybe even three) and during my awakening I knew I needed to create a card deck to help others navigate their way through the sometimes hard and sometimes joyous journey.

Having the vision to say what I wanted to say in the books and create the cards, put it all down on paper and have these published is a dream materialised for me (and the process was so cathartic, I definitely needed to get it all out of my head and my body and release it).

The writing and designing process was the ultimate manifestation, proving to me beyond a doubt that you really can dream big, achieve it all and create the life and business of your dreams.

If I can manifest being a published author and card designer, listening to what I was being guided to create and then actually do it (my inner child is dancing and singing at the top of her lungs right new with absolute delight) I wholeheartedly believe and want everyone of you reading this to believe it that you can do it to.

The products that I have created here really could be the catalyst to everything you ever dreamt of.

The Truth Is.....

This deck of cards was born out of my own journey to my awakening. Living your truths and creating your truths really is the only way to navigate the way through in a time of (sometimes) chaos and pain. Being able to come back to the truth in those moments really did allow me to settle and know I was on the right path. This card deck has been designed to guide you through that with ease. I honestly wish this deck had been created for me in that time, it would have made the process much easier and smoother. “The Truth is……” will enable you to live your truths, coupled with daily inspiration and aligned living statements. Each card has a message for you from your guides – allow them to guide you and you will never feel alone

This book is not just another ordinary gratitude book, instead it will take you on a journey to retrain your mind to find things to be grateful for and to look for the positives in everything. This amazing journal was born from my own soul searching journey from depressed and anxious to now.  This book and the daily exercises included within it are so easy to use and incorporate into your life, and if you do them, you will see changes in your happiness and gratefulness and things then in turn become easy. But a word of warning, its not just about writing gratitude lists, it goes deeper than that. Once you learn how to change your subconscious mindset, you literally change everything because if you focus on the good, great things start to happen. Start where you are right now, start bringing positive changes into your life by using this book, start living your life by design right now and rewire your brain so that gratitude and happiness become your default setting. 

They say that we all have a day, a dark day of the soul when we either sink for good or fight and rise. I don’t think I had a day, but rather a period of time where things were so dark I knew that if something didn’t change, if I didn’t change, then I would get pulled under and never escape, leaving my girls without a mum, just as I had been left without mine. This book is born from that journey, its my struggle from just barely surviving to truly thriving. Its a practical tool that will help to equip you with the knowledge that I learnt along the way to allow you to get unstuck, to improve your life, to show you how to stop thinking small and how to make positive change no matter what you are currently going through. Finally allowing you to live the life you deserve to live. I truly believe what I share within this book can help you to become the person  you were born to be. I am here to show you just what’s possible when you finally choose yourself.