Month: October 2022


I don’t normally share my poetry but there is something about writing that is cathartic to me, something that soothes my soul and something that enables me to let go just a little bit more. So enjoy this passage written for anyone awakening, I hope you enjoy it and get from it what you need …

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Awakening and Evolving

The reality of an awakening and evolving practice is not always what it seems and as we near the end of this year, 2022, I am as always reflecting and looking back at what veils have been lifted for me and how I have changed as a result of them lifting. Choosing to Awaken I …

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FORGIVENESS When someone you care about hurts you, you have a choice. You can hold on to anger, you can harbour resentment and you can even consider or have thoughts about of revenge. Or maybe there is another way, a better way. Maybe, just maybe you could embrace forgiveness and move forward. Forgiveness is necessary …

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